Voodoo Cable IEC Adapter

Anyone try out the new Premium Silver IEC adapter yet ? I'm not looking for a specific type (15A -> 20A or vise versa). Just looking to hear from anyone who has actually bought one or heard it at, and can pass along some comments.
I can't comment on the silver ICE adapter but I did use one of their standard cryo treated 15A=>20A adapters and it worked fine.'

If the silver works better than the standard, which I use, it would be quite an accomplishment. Inasmuch as my PC from the wall goes into the IEC adaptor and then into an Audience AR6 power conditioner, the Voodoo is in a critical spot so I may give the silver a try. Any product I have used from Voodoo has been high quality.

Hi there,if you ask the supplier,he should know.Im in the same boat as you and interested to know.