Von VR4 JR's - Looking for right 5/7 Channel Amp

New at this game,I just picked up some VR4 Jr's, looking for any sugg as to what 5/7 channel amp/pre I should consider. My main interest are movies as well has all a round music. I pick the Jr's as most inputs I received where they where the best in my price range and listening habits.

Thank you in advance,


Should I wait to get the amp to buy my speakers wires or do that now? As these speakers where made to bi-wire any inputs on wires?
The JR's are revealing of the components upstream. Tube preamp is nice but I don't know that a tube pre/pro is what you are looking for.
The jumper that connects the woofer cabinet to the midwoofer/tweeter cabinet does not sound good. The best wat to connect the JR's is to use a shotgun bi-wire or two independant runs of wire for each spekaer.

Good luck!
I think that speaker was voiced with the Spectron amp. You might start there.