Von Schweikerts for HT: setup and combination.

Putting together a new dedicated HT. I have a pair of VR4 Srs (first edition) that I would like to use. I've already purchased a LCR4 as a center.

I have an Anthem D2V and P5, and Oppo 95.

The room is 16 x 28 ft, and still being worked on.

My questions:
1) Will the VR4 Sr (older version) pair well with the LCR4? Or is the older LCR15 a better match?
2) 5.1 or 7.1? (Leaning toward 5.1)
3) If 5.1, what are your thoughts about the better option: TS-150 as "sides", or what would you recommend for "rears"?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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I appreciate everyone's response, which confirmed my plan of going with a 5.1 arrangement, and TS-150's as "sides".

I will followup in the future concerning the matching of the LCR4 (center) with the VR4 Sr's (older version).

Again, thanks for you responses.