Von Schweikerts for HT: setup and combination.

Putting together a new dedicated HT. I have a pair of VR4 Srs (first edition) that I would like to use. I've already purchased a LCR4 as a center.

I have an Anthem D2V and P5, and Oppo 95.

The room is 16 x 28 ft, and still being worked on.

My questions:
1) Will the VR4 Sr (older version) pair well with the LCR4? Or is the older LCR15 a better match?
2) 5.1 or 7.1? (Leaning toward 5.1)
3) If 5.1, what are your thoughts about the better option: TS-150 as "sides", or what would you recommend for "rears"?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Your Anthem's room correction software will match DB levels from all your speakers in your HT configuration so matching should not be a problem. I believe the center channel speaker is important to get right as far as sound quality. Surrounds are less important. I use Axiom QS8's for my surrounds and they work great. I also don't believe you'd be missing out on too much if you were to go with 5.1 instead of 7.1.
I have a similar but not identical system of speakers. I have the VR-4JRs, the LCR 15, and the TS-150s for 5.1. I use the Audyssey system in the Onkyo receiver plus tweaking with a RS meter. I have placed VR-1s as sides and like them better but am satisfied enough with the TS-150s to leave them in place. For most movie surround you will be happy. SACD and DVD-A is more demanding and the VR-1s sound better to me. The voicing of the speakers you mention will be very similar.
If you are interested in a v. impressive, rather rare VS sub (VR S/3), pls send me an email [email protected]
For a good while, I had 4JR fronts with a VS/1 sub, LCR15 center, and VR-1 for rears in a 5.1 system (still have everything except the 4JRs) in a similarly sized room. This set-up works very well for HT and I don't think that going to 7.1 would be that big a deal. I am not directly familiar with the LCR4 but I really enjoy the LCR15, it amazes me time and again.
I have a similar set up, VR4 first edition rebuild with vanderrsteen center and 2 x surrounds plus vandersteen SW I am very happy with 5.1. Also have the OPPO95 and still like good 2 channel with the XLR setup but still struggling to get 5.1 through 6channel RCA from the OPPO. The cable box with tos link works fine 5.1. The VR's are fantastic speakers in my opinion and would also want to try to fit them in.
I appreciate everyone's response, which confirmed my plan of going with a 5.1 arrangement, and TS-150's as "sides".

I will followup in the future concerning the matching of the LCR4 (center) with the VR4 Sr's (older version).

Again, thanks for you responses.