Von Schweikert vs Wilson

Ayone compare VSA VR-4SR mkIII or VR-5Anniversary with Wilson Watt/Puppy 8? I have a 20' x 14.5' x 8' room. My system consists of:
-CJ CT-5 preamp
-Spectron Premiere 7 Power Amp
-Whest PS.30r Phono/modified VPI HW-19 MkIV TT/Ortofon Jubilee
-McIntosh MVP-871 player-modified by The Upgade Company
-all tied together with Transparent Ultra and Crystal Cable Standard.
I like all music except country and rap/hiphop. Strong tight and deep base with excellent dimension.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Vandersteen should be on your listening list....
I went from 3A Sigs to the PBN EPS2s and, to me, the PBN are far superior, as in less veil, faster, greater resolution and transparency with a larger soundstage. I listened to the Quatro and I actually liked my 3A Sigs better.

Now, I have not heard the 5A only because I think they have the same midrange and tweeter as my 3A Sigs had. Again veiled compared to my current EPS2s.

I don't know if the Von Schweikerts will be better than my PBNs as they are difficult to audition. I have not heard the WP8, but have heard the Sashas which impressed me sonically, as well as visually. Its the WP7 or 8 or VSA VR4SE or VR5 SE I'm considering.

Thanks for your responses.
((Now, I have not heard the 5A ))
I think Stan mean to say the Vandersteen 5As
which are world class in a different league than the 3A sigs and Quatros.
Try and catch the right demo with them and at some point in time you should get it.
Best Johnnyr
I've heard the VS VR-5 the newest ones and came away not overly impressed. Now when I heard the WP8 I came away very very impressed. Impressed enough that I bought them. Now when I got them home I got them to sound even better.
I spent many glorious evenings at a fellow audiophiles home who owned the VR-4s. I consider them among the best sounding speakers I have ever heard.
While I realy enjoyed his music, I decided to bring some of my music over. Although the VR4s created a holographic soundstage, I discovered they were slightly "euphonic" compared to my speakers. They made the music he liked sound even better, while they shaved a bit of realism off my music.
For example "Charles Mingus; Pithcanthrapus Erectus" sounds like an angry elephant screaming through the jungle. The elephant sounds like "Gabriel" blowing his horn on the VR4s. (exageration for the point)
The speakers that are perfect for your music will not be perfect for mine. Take your 5 favorite CDs and audition, audition, audition.
Hey guys. Thanks again for all your input.

Vandersteen makes agreat speaker, but since the 5A may have the same midrange as the 3As, and I was very impressed with the speed, transparency, and resolution of my PBNs, I decided to forego the 5As and audition the Wilsons.

I demoed the Sashas, no WP8 to audition, and thought they sounded fantastic. Though they are a little higher priced than I want to go, from the dealer and other posts, they should be similar to the WP8 which can now be found for less. I like tight, punchy bass with a very deep and wide sound stage. I have a fairly bright room so a little top-end roll-off may not be bad.

I've been discouraged from the VSAs for many reasons I won't go into now, plus no where to audition.

I found a great deal on a pair of Wilson WP8 and will have them 1/15. I'll keep you posted on my thoughts of their musicality within my system.
You will love the WP8. Just take your time setting them up and fellow the manual. You also need to toe in the WP8 so that should help with side reflections and help the brightness your room has.
Are you purchasing your WPs from an authorized Wilson dealer? If so, he/she should come and perform voicing and setup as part of the purchase.

It looks like you bought the WP8s in November. If they were new, how do they sound now? Mine will be new and I'm wondering how long they take to breakin in and smooth out.

Since I've only heard the Sasha, which I liked, but you didn't, I hope the WP8 will be more to my liking,as I hope they still are to you. How do you think they differ from the Sashas, now that you've had them for a couple of months? What speaker cables are you using?

Unfortunately, my Spectron amp is acting up and I may have to bring it in for service after CES (everyones is at CES now), around the time I pick-up the WP8s. Timing is everything. Maybe I'll play them with my old poolside Harmon Kardon receiver--Ouch!!

Keep me posted on your WP8s sound. Thanks guys.
Lube3 and Mtdking, I too am interested in hearing your (both) impression of the W/P 8s and your ancillary equipment supporting them (amps/preamps). While I am a multi-time owner of the 5 series (which I actually like better than the 6s for me - note, that is not a blanket recommendation of the 5s over the 6s, just my preference) and other Wilson models.
Having heard Wilson and VRs a number of times, both speakers can sound great & not so great.
Properly set up, hard to go wrong w/ either speakers.
However if given the choice, I would personally be inclined to go for the Wilson sound.
The VRs on the other hand are also very good...
No contest ... Get the Wilson's ...