Von Schweikert vs Meadowlark vs Triangle

I am hoping to get some feedback on these speakers - Von VR2 (poss VR4) vs. Osprey vs. Triangle Luna/Naia. Specifically, how they would perform in a small room (12X13) fairly close to the wall (6-8"). The room is not optimal with the speakers angled from the corner, but the layout needs to stay. I have added curtains and some acoustical panels already.

I am looking for a speaker that has detail, but errs on the side of warmth. A speaker with a natural sounding top end that integrates well with the midrange. Ideally, a speaker that can deliver detail while providing a musical, non-fatiguing sound. All 3 are 3-way designs. Any downside or comparsion with going with a 2 way speaker? The speakers will also be used for HT.

My components are Cary 306, Cary Cinema 5, Krell HTS 7.1 preamp & XLO cables. I am only looking at changing out my speakers. I posted a similar post, but the responses have focused on trying to work with my present speakers (B&W - not keeping). I would very much appreciate responses on the speakers mentioned above or other speakers that provide a less analytical approach. thank you
I have the Traingle Naia speakers and would be happy to share information with you. Drop me an email at pettyfeversk@aol.com. Stephen
I had a chance to listen to the Osprey's driven by Aragon Pre-Pro and 5 channel amp, but the system and the room was not optimal for a two channel setup.

I came from the British type of sound and the Osprey sound a little bit different that was not to my taste. The mid was a little edgy and incisive for my taste. The treble is not as sweet and smooth as my Spendor. But it could the amp as I was told the Osprey's are very revealing and it sounds much better with tube amp. Maybe tube will help to soften them up a little bit. I remember seeing an add here for the Osprey and the owner comments that they are a little forward for his taste. I guess I had the same feeling.

On the plus side, the soundstage is very good to excelent.
I have triangle Celiuses driven by a Cary 5 and they sound great.
The VR-2, VR-4, and VR-4jr all have rear-firing tweeters; six inches of distance to the wall will not be sufficient.
Check on the Gershman Acoustic Avant garde RX 20's. They are great sounding in your situation. I use a pair in a similar situation. Nice looking too.
i'm not sure how much power your amp has, but i would recommend you listen to the totem mani 2's. i preferred the mani's over the vr series (even the vr-4's) and the triangle's. i have not heard the osprey speakers. if you don't have a powerful amp or you don't intend to purchase one in the future, then i would not look at the mani's.
good luck
I agree with Ljgj. I also have the Avantgarde RX 20's though in a larger room. Your description of what sound you are looking describes what I hear from these speakers. I've owned Triangle Titus and while very musical, they are not on the warm side. I've heard the VRs and the Osprey and would say the Osprey would be closer to what you're looking for than the VRs, particularly with the close placement as Rgairns noted.
thank you for the replies. I will look into some of the suggestion as well as look at bookshelf options. (I am not sure how much bass I am willing to give up though.) I will probably also look at Spendor and Totem.