Von Schweikert VR7 HSE Listeners

Anyone have experience with these speakers. I have heard the VR4's which were not to impressive compared to my current Piega c-10 ltd.
I have heard quite a bit about this speaker. Some say it is (was) the top of the tops.....but like you, I've never heard them! Frustrating!! There are NO dealers in the NYC area (except out in the Hampton's) that display them.

Sorry Snook2...but like you, I am just as interested!!
I have not listened to the VR7 HSE but own the VR5 HSE. I have owned or auditioned
BW N802s,Piega 8 limeteds,Jm labs 946s and others and the VR 5 HSE is the best of them all. Huge soundstage and very natural.The only drawback with VSA is there is a 2 to 3 month wait on there speakers as they are made to order.
You guys are probably aware, but VSA recently introduced their top-of-the-line VR-11, and the smaller VR-9, at this year's CES. As good as the VR-7 is, the inside scoop is that these speakers bring the Von Schweikert sound to a whole new level. As well they should--the VR-11 is 100k+, while the VR-9 is going to retail for 60k or so. Must be nice. :)