Von Schweikert VR4SR Loudspeaker

I m in the process of buying the ebony VR4SR which retail for 10K. Will be driving it with a Unison Research S8, SET with 24watts. How is the speaker? Is my integrated amplifier good enough to drive it? I m using Transparent Reference Speaker cable, power cord and interconnect. Accessories include BDR cones , Exact Power Conditioner and Transparent PIXL. Happy Listening.
TQ for all your responses. Fr where I come from (Malaysia) I got no chance to audition the DB99 speaker.I suppose I need to change my amplifier if i want to buy VR4Sr. Happy listening

I nervously bought the VSA99's without audition due to location. But make no mistake, I researched speakers for aprox a year and a half- reading and asking many questions from experienced audiophiles.

Buying these 99's is the single best decision in audio land I have ever made. I would encourage you to listen to those who share there ideas with you. Also- I am not sure I have read anywhere/anyone who after hearing the VR4Sr and the 99's that they thought the VR4Sr was better. Perhapse you should run a post asking for comparisons of the two. I would also recommend you call or e-mail Von Schweikert for a convo on sound differences. And for what your paying for the VR4 you could get the 99. 99 also come in ebony.

One last thing- think about cost of selling and then buying another amp?
You might also consider the new ICEPowered BelCanto Design Ref 1000 Mono amps. for the Sr's. The VR4Sr's are a terrific speaker system on par with the 99's sonic qualities,,I'm living with both. The 99's are being driven by a SET40 with KR845 tubes. Simply stunning and seductive.
Terrific extension, detail and wallop when the 4Sr's are driven with hi powered SS gear or something with a palpable touch like a VAC Avatar Integrated tube amp. The VAC works nicely with the 99's as does does the Cayin A-88T Integrated.

As disclosure, I am a dealer for the above, and I've had loads of equipment pass thru before settling in with the amps I've mentioned. All offer terrific value.

BTW, also consider the Verbatum cables from Paul Garner.

I completely agree with tickbite. I have the VR4jr and when I can afford the DB99's, I will get them. They are amazing with a tube amp.

Hi Bornie, do u think Vr4Sr will go well with Conrad Johnson tube preamplifier with solid state Conrad Johnson Poweramplifier? TQ. Happy Listening