Von Schweikert VR4jr's in a 15' x 12' Room?

i am just about ready to pull the trigger on a pair of VSA VR4jr's, but am a little concerned about my room size. the room is 12' x 15', and the speakers would go along the 15' wall. they would be about 24" - 30" from the wall behind them, and would be about 4' or so from the side walls. in addition, they would be about 7' or so apart, and also about 7' from my listening position.

i had a pair of VR2's in this room for a while, and they were outstanding speakers. i have heard the VR4jr's a couple times, and i absolutely love them. my real concern is that they may produce a bit too much bass for my room. my mcintosh c2200 pre-amp does have tone controls, and i could dial down the bass a bit if necessary. my instincts tell me that the VR4jr's should work out fine in this room, but i'd like very much to hear the opinions of my audiophile brothers and sisters before i pull the trigger on this purchase.

FYI - the system is made up of the mcintosh c2200 pre-amp, the mc402 power amp and a musical fidelity tri-vista SACD player. kimber hero interconnects, and bi-wire pairs of kimber 4tc speaker cable.

Download the in-room frequency response Excell spreadsheet from Stereophile if you want an idea of the problems you can expect from your particular room. Because each room and listening position within a room has problems associated with it you can benefit greatly by knowing what frequencies are going to pile up or have nulls.

That said, the VR4's have very detailed and prodigious bass. If you have little choice in placement you may want to try a different speaker. If the store will not let you demo them at home I would not buy them.

Two cents worth.
My vote is "too small".

Please Make sure you have von schweikert's 12 page booklet on correct set up. Maybe your speakers came with it If not You Better get it. 7 foot apart is great but you are too close. I have the vr-4 and have speant a great deal of time with bandsidth noise to set up correctly once its done the center image wont be too dense. Mine are 7 foot apart im 14 foot away any closer the image isnt dorrect. its takes time but its well worth it once its correct. Get the booklet> I can fax it to you if its not availe. Illenema @wmconnect.com System consits of Vr-4 Rogue Zeus amp Audible illusions M3a Preamp rotel cd. NICE SPEAKERS TRY TUBES
Get some bass traps. It will help any room to do so. It's kind of like making your room larger. Good Luck
I have a slightly larger room 15 x 17 and have decided to go with a higher up model in VSA line up (DB99) which has a built in amp in the speaker for room dial in of the bass. By the way, found a GREAT price on a pair of the DB99's.
I have had VR-4 Jrs for a year in my room which is 15 x 16. I don't think you will have any problems in your room. The speakers are excellent and respond very well to simple tweaks in their positioning. I solved my bass problem (too LITTLE at my listening spot due to mode cancellation) by just toeing the speakers inward and moving them closer by six inches each. The imaging that you will get with these speakers in your room will be spectacular. (Note-- I am selling my speakers because I have to change around my furniture due to WAF - and I am sad.) The excellent quality of your amp and pre-amp will really make the VR-4 Jrs shine.
Bass could be an issue depending on wall sufaces
and desired listening levels.Never used traps,that
could be a solution
I still say buy em,but of course best if you can demo 1st.
I just purchased a pair and they are remarkable
for the investment.My room is larger 15x24 but mine are
also along the 15 wall.Greg weaver who loves them mentioned
in a review that he had them set up in a 16.25x 14.5 room.See:
Others may disagree, but that room seems waaay too small for the Jr.'s
I have LCR-15's in a much larger room...sub, of course.