Von Schweikert VR4JR and SET Amp

Does anyone have any epxerience running these VSAs with SET amps? If so, what can you share? Thanx.
I really don't own either but at 89db sensitivity and 8ohm max and 4 ohm min, I doubt a low powered SET amp would be enough.
Not enough power for loud listening, go with db99.
Hi, there are higher powered SET amps out there, Art Audio makes real nice ones, also there are SET amps that run 2 or 3 or ? tubes paralleled per channel. I just sold a Golden Tube SE40SE SET amp , 40W/ch, 3- 6L6 tubes per channel, parelleled. I don't know your price range but ther are a lot of others in between the 2 examples i mentioned, as far as cost goes
no good. they don't bring out the jr's great bass
Unless you bi-amp. Using the SET amp for the midrange and highs and another SS amp for the bass