Von Schweikert VR4jr

The VR4jr is now my favorite budget loudspeaker. I literally could not leave the room at the Home Entertainment show. These speakers were driven by the DK Design Group VS-1 amplifier and Oracle digital. These speakers just sounded better then they had any right to at the price and had an amazing snap, dynamics, and transients. They also threw an enormous 3D soundstage.

These will definitely be my new reference for a $4000/pr speaker.
i like that room also but the SRs which were next door was more to my taste. and if money were no object the VR 9SE, boy did they sound great.
You are right on the mark. I am not saying the von schweikert is the best speaker I ever heard. It does however receive the highest praise I can give a speaker. "it is as good as the components that are driving it."
So much so that it readily revealed the flaws of digital. Too bad they did not go analog.
Wow,you must have a large $ resource to consider 4 grand for a pair of speakers to be considered in the budget category. I know everything is relative, but I would consider a pair of budget speakers would be around anywhere from $500- $2000. A great example would be MG 1.6's that are less than $2000 yet are competitive with speakers in the range of $4-6000. Also at the $4000 plateau I surely would suggest MG 3.6's that are phenomenal and very competitive with the VR4jr.
I fully agree. I was at the show with some non-audiophile friends and we visited the VR-4JR/DK Design room a few time while they were playing very different material, female vocal, orchestra, Steve Ray Vahgn, the sound was very good each time. Made them comment - How much is this speaker integrated amp combo??? Why would someone pay 2X money like some of these other systems???

First time I heard the DK Design integrated. Very impressed, I have read some controversal things about this amp, but I was impressed with the sound.
Hey Y'all,

What's up Moe, it was very nice meeting you at the show. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I'm in agreement with Moemoney, the VR4jrs showed themselves very well although my wife and I found the sound to be a bit forward. I also felt the sound to be a bit labored in the lower register. I do not know which piece, or if it was the combo, that was responsible for this, so I will not speculate. Now the SRs were a different story. They were smooth and effortless and the bass was deep and fast. Of course, using a $19K tube amp will do that for most any speaker, but this set up did sound just right to the wife and I. I spent some time after the demo outside the room speaking with Kevin Hayes of VAC and he is a wonderful man. I would have never guessed he was an audio designer if I had not been introduced to him. He seemed like such a humble, gentle man. He mentioned about the more affordable VAC Avatar Super intergrated and that at $6500 it was about 90% of the performance of the amp in the room and would have no problem driving the SRs. I think this combo will be my next audio purchase. I wonder what the JRs would have sounded like with the VAC powering them?.........John
They did put on a GREAT DEMO of the VR4jr with their music selection. I spent 45- 1hr listening over the 3 days in that room - very certain I would buy them. The better the recording quality the better they sounded. But, Most CDs ( no analog to judge from) are not. I requested some classical. The average classic cd which from their collection sounded only OK to poor. Probably the fault of the recording. I'll keep listening to them until I am convinced they are the ones for me... DID you hear the AURAL Acoustics model B ? Curious to hear others experiences. the VR4jr are on my short list.
I also like the VR4jr. It's the sound quality that I'd expect at that price. The fact that so many speakers that cost more and don't sound is good is more of a factor of a lot of bad designs floating around. The VR4 jr's were definitely one of the better demos that I heard at the show, my biggest nit-pick being driver integration between certain frequencies, otherwise fun to listen to!