Von Schweikert VR4II Vs VR4III

What is the major differences and are the VR4III really better than VR4II. How would you characterize their sound overall? Also I'd be inerersted in any thoughts from those who've heard both the VR4II and VR4III.
Go to the bottom of this column & click more chat, then go to the bottom of that column & search for VR4. There are a few threads on it. You can also go to Audio Asylum & do a search there.
The VR4 gen IIs were and are certainly a very good speaker but not in the same league as the Gen IIIs.With upgraded driver technology,and the adition of the soft dome tweeter,there is a marked improvement over the the older Gen IIS.You get everything you got with with the old version with a much more fluid sound with nothing lost in the bottom end which is what made the VR series famous.