Von Schweikert VR4 vs later models?

I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of VR4 generation 1 speakers and am curious to those who have had the experience with how they sound in comparison to later model VS that I am familiar with; specifically the VR4 Jrs and VR5HSE. I've never heard the VR4s before but every review is glowing with some preferring them to later models. Any caveats on their purchase?
I would pick the original VR4 over the Jr., but would go with the 5HSE over both,

the original vr4s sound bigger and more enveloping than the jrs, with more low end extension and a broader soundstage (although the jrs are scarcely deficient on either count). i haven't heard the (considerably pricier) vr5hse enough to comment. at their current used price (i often see 'em around $1500 or less), the vr4s are a helluva speaker; you'd need to spend a lot more to get better.
Have not heard the VR4's, I have the JR's and have listened to the VR5's. If the above comment is true, you certainly are in for a treat with the VR4's.
As I love my speakers, and indeed feel you would have too spend much more to get as good a music maker.
I have the 5HSE's which are amazing. I replaced Audio Physic Virgo II's. It took me a long time to find something that I really like better than the Virgo's.
Well, I picked up my new (to me) VR4s today and really love their sound. Upon initial listening I think I prefer them to my previous VR4 Jr's and VR5HSE's. HUGE soundstage! Thanks to all who chimed in.
THEY ARE GREAT SPEAKERS . I AM LOOKING AT THE DB99 OR DB 100 Which do you think are better. I have tube amps. I would use them for ht and music thanks