Von Schweikert VR4, VR4.5 upgrades?? anyone

Has anyone done the Von Schweikert VR4 or VR 4.5 upgrades?

I have a pair of Vortex Screens which are similiar to the VR4's. The price with shipping is around $3k.

The vortex screens seem to have just a little shrillness on the very top end on some material (source dependant), but otherwise are an excellent speaker with great imaging, no cabinet colorations, and great tonal balance and trasparency. Every time I upgrade something, these speakers hold their own, so now I'm wondering if they are the logical next step in the upgrading bug and pursuit of natural musical reproduction.

I would be interested to here your comments on the Vr4 or VR4.5 speaker upgrades.


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Aloha from Hawaii. I have VR4 original generation. Are you saying that the upgrade of your Vortex Screens would be $3,000? If so, that seems prohibitive. Better to buy a used Generation II or even the latest Generation III, which sold/sells for around $4000 I believe. There is a special edition, but I believe that is closer to $6,000.


PS I love my VR4. I use Unison Research Smart 845 mono blocks and the matching UR preamp. Glorious sound.

thanks for the note

$2500 for the upgrade, $500 estimated shipping

I think the upgrade puts you in the "special edition" sound range

Stick with the original Vortec screens! Much more musical.
Take a look at the new VR4 Jr Von Schweikert is introducing at the CES show in Jan - the retail is supposed to be $4000. - when I spoke with someone concerning the Jr they said it more closely resembles the VR4 HSE - you would probably be able to get it at a better price when its first introduced.