Von Schweikert VR4 SR

Just wondering if anyone has heard these and how they compare to other top speakers. I have the VR4 JRs and like them a lot. My dealer got in the SRs and says they are the best speakers he has ever had, even better than the Wilson Watt Puppy 7s
This is just one person's opinion, and based on only a brief time listening to them...

But my impression was the 4SRs sounded lifeless, and very unlike my other positive experiences with other VS speakers.

I felt the next speaker up in the VS line called the DB99 mkII was *far* superior, and worth every penny of the additional cost. The D99s go lower, have a higher sensitivity rating, have more in the way of dynamics, and get you much more involved in the music than the 4SRs. If moving up in the VS line is your goal, the DB99s are definately where I would recommend looking.

As for the VS 4SRs vs. the Watt Puppy... While I am not the biggest Wilson fan, I don't think the folks at Wilson are too worried (at least not about these guys). ;-)

Again, just an opinion, your experience may be different.

Knowing that the pocket book may always play a factor with myself. And different rooms in which one may hear speakers etc, play a role in how speakers sound. Having the VR4Jr's myself and having listened to their big brother. My impression was that at least for my space, I enjoyed the Jr's more so than the SR's. They both compare well to any top speaker I have heard. Those costing more and in some cases by a wide magin.