Von Schweikert VR4 jr. wiring question

Recently powered up a pair of VR4 jr's and so far I'm very impressed.
I needed spkr. cable so I ordered a 12 ft. biwire of Goertz MI2 that also sound pretty good.
Here's were I need your feedback:
I'm biwiring/connecting with the four post on the woofer cabinet and using the supplied data link for the tweeter/midrange cabinet connection to the woofer cabinet.
Is this the right way to biwire these speakers?
Is there a better way?
How are you jr owners doing it?
As always, thanks for your time and feedback.
don't use the datalink. it does not allow you to hear the 4 Jrs at anywhere near their best.

remove the datalink. bi-wire to the binding posts on the MT module and to the bottom most set of binding posts on the bass module. you can also remove the jumper plates as well.
Thanks Fmtien!
I have mine bi-wired too but am running to pairs of cables, one pair to the top module and one to the bottom with the data cable removed of course (AQ Montblanc-Bottom & AQ CV-6 Top). I can't imagine any other way to avoid using either the data cable or a long jumper between the modules. I talked to a guy who split a single run of Kimber 8tc to go to the top/bottom modules but, I'm not comfortable doing that.
I'm about to acquire an unusual Geortz cable that addresses this problem.

What I am having built is a single run from the amp to a set of spades that shares a connection with a 'tail' that will then connect to the lower cabinet. There are 3 pairs of spades involved, rather than 4, as the jumper and main cable will share the spades connected at the M/T module.