Von Schweikert VR4 III SE vs. VR4 SR4


Anyone compared the two models side by side? Iam very curious about the differences between the 2 models.
Thanx for the reply.
Great question. I'd be interested also.
The VR4se has a much fuller bass than the SR model. They have tightened the bass up considerably until now it almost sounds a touch lean. The rep that was demonstrating them mentioned that the bass in the SE version was a bit sloppy.
I can't say if the tighter bass has opened up the midrange or they have improved it but the SR sounds more open.
I did notice one thing about the speaker I didn't like. The sound didn't sound as integrated as I have heard from driver to driver. The SR uses 4th order slopes and this may account for it or it could just have been a room thing.
I also thought the sound had a tendency to sort of "Stick" to the front of the speaker even though it had good center depth. It didn't really extend past the outside speaker boundaries nor was there a lot of depth directly behind the speakers.
I'm always leary about writing about something I haven't actually had in my room. With the rep's comments and the sound, I can say for sure the bass is considerably tighter. After that, it's all impression in the room they were demo'd in.
I'd simply like to add that the VR4 Gen III HSE's bass can be tightened up by adding a handful (or more) of Dacron fill in the bass port of the speaker. This is a technique mentioned in the VR4 Gen III HSE manual, and I have used it with good success. I have no idea how the resultant bass would compare to the bass of the SR, but I like the idea of the ability to tune the VR4 Gen IIII HSE's bass to suit one's room and taste.
Thanks for the fast replies. Here in Europe these speakers are a bit limited. Keep it coming :D
Surely there's been more head to head comparisons between these two by now?