Von Schweikert VR4 GenIII SE Sock mod's

It all started with an experiment. I was curious as to how the bass modules would sound alone. So, I disconnected the M/T modules, put on some Marcus Miller and cranked it up. I heard a little more than I wanted. Turns out the sock was vibrating against the front cabinet. I believe this could be a common problem, so I offer a solution. Through correspondence with Albert found out how to loosen the cloth, sliding it down exposing the drivers and vent. At this point I made sure all screws were tight (a couple needed additional tightening) then refastened the sock making sure it was good and tight. He suggested using small dots of super glue around the perimeter of the drive units and port tube, right through the cloth which I completed. At this point I wondered how the units would sound without the cloth. So I asked Albert who responded with " The grill cloth is for aesthetics only, the speakers will sound better without the socks." How to solve this problem without having to refinish the cabinets. Presto, the rear driver has the cloth underneath it's perimeter. So I did the same to all the front drivers. Started with a small hole in the centre of each speaker, then with scissors cut a hole around the drivers a couple inches in from their outside perimeter. CAREFULLY unscrewed each driver and lifted out beyond the cloth and then reinstalled, pushing the cloth which was now ahead of the driver back into the driver opening CAREFULLY rescrewed drivers and vent. Done deal. No more worries about cloth vibrating against the front cabinet or driver screws loosening up over time. Also if a driver needs replacing it's alot easier to do. I noticed a change in the bass which I believe was due to less restriction in both the drivers and the port. It seems to be a little less bass heavy now. Don't get me wrong, there's still lots of it. Didn't notice much of a difference in the top modules. Maybe slightly clearer. I am going to attach a picture under my system.