Von Schweikert vr4 gen2 vs 4.5


What are the big differences with these 2 speakers. I'm looking to get one of these, but have no way to listen to either.
Try www.vonschweikert.com then click on archives. This will show you some pictures and specs to compare. Also, there are some reviews. BTW, the 4.5 retailed for $6000 and the Gen2 for $4000. The 4.5 is more boxy looking and the Gen2 looks just about right to me. Of the VR-4's, I think the Gen2 looks the best, and I prefer it's shape over the Gen3. VR4jr is a whole different story cosmetically speaking.
Why not look for a pair of upgraded 4's to 5's via the factory upgrade program. You would get that nice large bass heavy enclosure of the 4's with the newest drivers from the upgrade..