von schweikert vr4 gen 3 or ref 3a grand veena?


Just wonder if anybody have experience with both and could describe which one would be prefered and for what reason? I know both are very good speakers but if you have to choose one, which one would be yours and why?

Many thanks,
I have not heard these particular models .
I have heard models in both lines and think that they are quite different sounding from one another .

The VS. line tends to be a little colored toward the bottom end sounding on the warm side . Nothing wrong with that depending on what the accompanying equipment , type of music and the sound that you are after . A lot of people love their sound . For my tastes I would not pair a warm sounding amplifier with this line .

On the other hand I would use a warm amplifier with the Ref 3a line as they are more neutral and will sound more like the equipment driving them .

I prefer traditional sounding (warm) tube amplifiers . I like the Ref 3a line with tubed amplification as opposed to SS . With the VS line I would prefer more neutral sounding amplification with more power .

Two different sounding speakers with different designs .

Kind of like race cars . Some are designed to go from zero to as fast as they can in a short distance while others are meant to run all day within a certain RPM range .

You might get more helpful info if you would list your equipment , room , type of music and what type of sound that you like .

Good luck .
the grand veena of the two, but for that kind of money, i might conider the coincident. both are uncolored and balanced from top to bottom. both rock with modest tubes, but low to mid power ss is just fine. no fuss either....If you ant to spend even less, check out the new psb synchrony.....gotta love those canadians