Von Schweikert VR4/Amp combos that work?

I'm interested to hear from VR4 Gen III or VR4 SE owners who are satisfied with their present amplifiers and why. I am using a Bryston 14B SST with a First Sound Presence Deluxe II preamp, and EMC 1-UP CDP. While the system sounds very good, I feel the sweet spot is small. This small sweet spot is contary to what I have read regarding the VR4 SE's and I'd like to know if you other Von Schweikert speaker owners have amps in your systems that give you a larger sweet spot. I spent considerable time setting and positioning the speakers until I found the location that afforded the best soundstaging and sweet spot without definite "Left/Right" channel distinction and I'm wondering what might be done differently. Thanks in advance for your input.
I have the GenIII's & at first had an Ayre V-3, then upgraded to an Ayre V-5x, with a combined time of 2 1/2 years so far.

I just heard the VR4jr's at the CES hooked to a Spectron amp, which is what Albert uses to voice his spkrs. It was an excellent combination.

Like anything, trust your ears.
I have heard them with Ayre, Sim, TacT and Spectron and they were all quite good. Although it appears as your amplifier is the weak link in your system, I am a bit surprised as to your comments regarding the "sweet spot".

If you care to email me your phone number, I would be happy to walk you through my version of how the speakers should be setup and placed.
I had the Vr4 Gen III with a Bel Canto 200.2 and it sounded fabulous.
The late Valerie Kurlycheck (aka Anna Logg) used a BAT VK 75SE with her VR4 Gen IIs; the sound was outstanding. She also had an older BEL 1001 that sounded good with them as well, but the BAT was something special.
Very interesting. It would seem the VR4's work well with a wide variety of amps, which makes me think it's the speaker set-up rather than the Bryston amplifier that's the cause of the small sweet spot.
Tvad, that's probably a good observation. The Von Schweikerts are wide-dispersion speakers, they should be quite spacious-sounding with a large sweet spot, although perhaps not as pin-point in the imaging as some other types of speakers. Do you have them firing straight ahead instead of toed in? I think they work better that way.
Rcprince, they are firing straight ahead. I'm new to the high-end speaker world - previously owned Aerial 7B's - but I find the imaging to be very accurate with the VR4's. Certainly on par with the Aerials.
I agree fully with the comments of Rcprince on these speakers... I am VERY happy with my VR4HSE's, which I have had for quite a few months now. I spent many an evening for the first 3 weeks finding JUST the right position for them in my room. An exhausting experience, but well worth the effort! Also, try replacing the stock spikes with a set of the smaller 1.5 AP-C threaded brass cones from Star Sound.
Thye make a noticeable improvement in midrange dynamics and bass detail.
These speakers mate extremely well with most high quality amps I have tried, tube or solid state. The Spectron Musician II was my favorite solid state amp I have tried, but I prefer my new VAC Phi amp on them for my personal tastes...Enjoy!
I've used a Bryston 4BST w/great results,big expansive soundstage w/tight impactive bass.
I used vk-60 with VR4.5s successfully for about a year. Saw it demoed this way by a dealer, and bought it eventually. The high current design of the BAT made the 60 watts seem like plenty more. Nice match.