Von Schweikert VR4-5 Speaker Cables

Hello guys. I am typing this thread on my phone so please excuse any typos or format issues. 

I want to try out new speaker wires but don’t know where to look. I am currently running my VR4-5 speakers with DH-Labs T-14 wires. Have been using them for a year and love them. I love them more than Audioquest type 4. 

My system consists of the following:

-Clearaudio concept turn table with cadenza blue cartridge. 

-Parasound JC3 phono pre amp using a Harmonic Tech Magic Link 2 xlr interconnect to pre amp 

-Parasound DAC2000 for digital sources

-Parasound JC2 pre amp

-Elekit TU-8600 tube amp connected with Cardas Golden Cross rca interconnect. I use this amp to power the highs. I used to run the amp with Audioquest Lapis. The lapis cable was great lots of clarity and focus. But the golden cross had more texture and warmth, although missing some focus. I am looking for a 0.5m Golden Reference rca.   

-Parasound A21 amp connected with Audioquest anaconda xlr interconnects. I use this amp to power the lows. 

I want to try out with Cardas Golden Cross Speakers wires but they are hard to find. 

Any reasonably priced speaker wires that are better than DH-Labs T-14 speaker wire ? I only buy used. 

I also have an audioquest niagara power conditioner  I’m using a nice nrg power cable from the outlet to the conditioner. But from the conditioner to components I’m using regular old power cables. Should I upgrade power cables ?

By the way I really love how my system sounds especially after the recently added Cardas Golden Cross. It allowed me to play music even louder.  I just feel the speaker wires may be holding back the music. 

If you want the absolute best sound from your Von Schweikert, you need to run to your dealer and purchase the Masterbuilt cables. VS swears by them. I believe they run around 8-10K per meter pair,  although I am sure the dealer will give you a 5-10% discount..
You can try Wireworld Series 7 and they should be discounted, Audience Au24 SX, and Clarus Crimson are a few you can try.

Joe, do you have any issue with the different gain levels between the Parasound and the Elekit?  I have the same Elekit and was thinking of trying this with a great NAD Masters M21 amp to power the lows. 
How do you like your elekit amp ? Any upgrades ? 
I had to very slightly lower the gain level on the a21. Elekit is set to 100%
love my elekit!

i upgraded all caps and resistors. I also bought better power supply and opts. Magical with horn speakers and a REL sub tuned very low on crossover and volume. 

Have you seen this:  www.tubelabaudio.com  ?

I'm thinking of building 300B monoblocks
@jbhiller ,

I too upgraded the caps, resistors and the transformers. I love the sound. 

Wow it’s my first time looking at the 300B monoblocks. Do you the plans for them ?
I don’t have plans but emailed the guy for details. I’ll sebd you what I learn!