Von Schweikert VR33 Speakers

I am toying with purchasing the VR33 speakers from Von Schweikert Audio. Has anyone heard the VR33 speakers and does anyone know how they sound on rock? Although I really like my present speakers, they are further out into the room and interfere with the TV screen. Moving the furniture or TV is not an option.

The VR33's can be put up against the wall, kind of like the old Snell type A speakers. That is their selling factor to me. Can anyone chime in please?

My system can be viewed but I have a 160wpc power amp (Odyssey Stratos Extreme) and Odyssey Kismet Reference Speakers and an Audible Illusions Modulus 3B tube Preamp. I plan on upgrading the power amp later this year with the Sanders Magtech amp which is 500wpc.
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I owned the VR33s and tried them with a number of speakers. They were good bit great and did notive up to the favorable reviews.

I replaced mine with a used pair of Zu Definitions 2s which can be placed as little as 2 inches from the front wall and are better in every single category.
I had thought of the ZU's as well. I am worried that my 160wpc amp would be too much for them considering their efficiency? How are they on rock? I have been told the ZU speakers are a bit bright, how do you feel about that?

I haven't heard the VR-33s, but I have VR-4s and have also had Zu speakers. The two brands differ a good deal in their presentation. I wouldn't call Zus bright, but I would say that they are more forward than my Von Schweikerts, which are a bit more laid back. So this could be a matter of which sort of presentation you prefer. For some a more forward spaeker can get fatiguing. For others, the less in-your-face nature of a laid back speaker may not appeal.

I would say that if you get Zus you would probably benefit from getting a lower power amp at some point. Tubes (SETs, Push-pull and OTL) with Zus sound very nice. Or in the solid-state realm, I'd look at the FirstWatt amps designed by Nelson Pass. Gopher has done extensive amp combos with both Von Schweikerts and the Zus, so would be an excellent resource for either one, but be sure you know how your tastes line up with the tastes of another. For example, I bought an OTL Atma-sphere S-30 from Gopher. Too lean for his tastes with his Zu Superflys. I loved the pairing with my Superflys, really digging the speed and immediacy. Gopher wanted a bit more meat on the bones and went to an 845 SET amp, IIRC.

And I have moved from the high-efficiency world to the Von Schwiekerts, which I really love. Fabulous imaging and detail. Mine go down to 20Hz, which is good for a bass head like me. That said, they are a touch too laid back at times for me, and to get a more forward sound I have focused on making choices upstream that will tp the speakers a bit more in that direction (Rogue Stereo 90 tube amp for example. IIRC, Gopher also quite liked a Rogue with the VR-33s).

Hope all this helps. These are fairly different speakers, so if at all possible I'd try to hear both. If you can't do that, be sure you have a clear idea of your listening preferences, and what you are most looking for in a speaker. Both speaker makers have big fans, as well as folks for aren't big fans.
I haven't heard the Von Schweikerts in a known environment, so I won't comment on those. But I have owned 2 pairs of Zu Omen Defs and now a pair of Definition MK IIIs. I would not say the Zus are bright at all, but as Roscoeiii pointed out, they give a very 'front row' presentation of the music. Also, especially the Definitions, they are extremely revealing of upstream electronics. I am very different than most, having tried some tube amps, I have settled with some Wyred 4 sound mAMPS and STP/SE pre (110 degree summers in AZ and tube amps are not a good combination!). There is a synergy with the 2, giving much of the warmth of tubes but power and punch in the bass that tubes can't match (at least not tube amps in my price range).

All that to say, the Zus can rock and they can handle any amount of power you throw at them. As Roscoeiii said though, you are talking about 2 speakers that are very different from each other, especially the Zus. The one good thing about Zu is they have a 60 day trial period so you could try them out in your room with your electronics and see if they work for you. If not, just send them back.