von schweikert vr3 or magnepan 12qr

Have had mags for about year and a half sound fantastic,nice mids and highs, bass sounds good but no authority.My den, which is my listing room is 11 feet wide by 13 long, eight foot high ceiling.Using anthem mca 2 power amp 200 watts per small mod with silver core wire inside.audio research ls3,HK 710 as transport msb link dac 3 with tributaries digital link between trasnport and dac,also 1 ohm resistor in mags to smooth out tweeters.Also using old luxman 289 tt and yamaha ct 800 fm tuner.Have been reading alot of reviews about vr3.Have not had a chance to listen to them, could anybody give an oppinion on which is realy better? THANKS CARL
Carl: I have heard the VR-1, 2, and 4SE. I have not heard the 3. But to ask which is better is almost like asking is a Lexus sport car or a Hummer better? They are entirely different and individual tastes, preferences, and needs will dictate which is better. The VR line is authoritative, yet smooth and has very good imaging. However, I have not yet experienced a dynamic driver system that has the "magic" of planers when everything is right. The planers have a phenominal midrange--vocals can seem almost real. When you get into very expensive speakers, some dynamic drivers can create the magic--some planer systems can have "authority", but at realistic price points and speaker size there is always some give and take. Only you can decide which speakers are right for you.
Try adding a subwoofer to the Maggies and see if it gets the punch that you want, ACI and REL are 2 brands that should mate well.
Hi there Max. Ok,the sad truth: I doubt a speaker change is all you need. As I read thru your list of components---I see you need most everything;cables included. There is so much you're not hearing. I would be looking for some giant killer pieces. Those speakers you have now;or the V S's can sound so much better. (When driven by better ecectronics) Maybe a sub,as suggested above will give you a fix. or, Start with a giant killer cd player/then a dac & cable. Your speakers (maybe your ears too) are hungering for quality components. Changing speakers at this point would only be a move "sideways".
I would agree...taking a loss on the Mags...and switching to a dynamic speaker would be a "lateral" move at best...hint:my dealer pairs Mags with Bryston which really seem to bring out the bass...good luck
The Maggies sound much better without that 1-ohm resistor to "smooth out" the highs. I tried them both ways and it's just no contest. Replacing the standard metal U-connectors with high-quality speaker wire is a cheap tweak that seems to work well. I've gotten my MG12s to perform phenomenally with and without a subwoofer and by using a high-quality front end and amplification.

Also, I could be wrong, but I don't think the VR3s will work well in your size room.
What kind of music do you listen to? If you like soft, relaxing, low intensity music with simple yet abundant vocal work, played at low volumes, you probably really like your Maggies.

If you listen to dynamic music with demanding and driving bass lines, lots of macrodynamic action, maybe even use the speakers for HT, enjoy real world/concert level volumes at over 100dB but don't want to sacrafice any transparency over the planars, the Vons would me a huge improvement over what you have and I would suggest the swap. All gear selection comes down to musical tastes.

A caveat, the VR3's MUST, and I mean must, be place no less then 8' apart and no less then 2' off the rear wall to do their magic. Ideally I've found 11" apart and 5" off the rear wall, with measurements in realtion to the tweeter, to be ideal, though I realize similar requirements exist for the maggies as well, so if they work in your room the VR3's should as well, though the room will make for "interesting" bass reproduction.