Von schweikert vr3 or 3.5 which is better

Any one tell which is a better sounding speaker the vr3 or the newer vr3.5 [Which I think are made in China].Room size is 14x12,and which is more placement friendly.60% music 40% movies.Thanks.
Neither are(were) made in China.The VR3 is an older version which was very good at it's price point.The VR 3.5 also discontinued has later driver technology and in my opinion are a more dynamic speaker.I have seen demos and used ones on the GON once in a while and you should be able to get a good price on them.
I think the choice comes down to your taste in music. The Original VR3's are killer for electronic, rock and Mahler-like music, the 3.5's are more refined and take well to light jazz and mild classical orchestrations, from what I remember. Even though the 3.5's where intended for a HT setup, the VR3's move a ton more air, to me making them more ideal for movies if you don't use a sub, and personally I like the tweeter in the older VR3's/VR4's better then the one in the 3.5's, which sounds too soft, overly lush and laid-back to me, though some like it that way. I do like the midrange driver in both models but the new aerogel is a better piece, especially as implemented in the VR4genIIISE's, which are amazing. Either way you go I'm sure you'll be happy. However, if you choose the VR3's you can give them the Mod5 upgrade for $1500, which will put there performance at a whole new level, which I think is a great option....