Von Schweikert VR2100?

I am thinking about a pair of Von Schweikert VR2100 speakers. They were originally made for HT. The difference between the VR2100 and other VR speakers is the side firing 10" woofer and no bi-wiring.
Has anyone heard these speakers or know about them?
With the general quality of Von Schweikert, even though these are not a high in the VR line, would I expect to still have a really good 2channel experience??

Anyone heard them?
(and possibly know what amps were used and some recommendations.)


I'm a huge VSA fan, having heard every speaker in the lineup short of 10k. I've heard the 2100's extensively at a friends home, great speaker, probably 85 percent of the vr4's performance at half the used price cost. As far as amps go, they like power, bare minimum is 100w ss, but they'll not play loud with 100w, 150w-250, or more, would be ideal to get the big, heavy woofer moving and under control. I've heard them sound great being fead by anything from an Adcom 545II to a musical fidelity A3cr, but if I had to make a specific recomemdation it would be for a digital amp, either the PS Audio HCA-2 or the Spectron Musician II.

Thanks for info...I have 2 other questions, what about a integrated amp. and what about an integrated tube amp. Any ideas,

Tried the Coda/Continuum integrated with good results, also heard the MF A300 integrated in a showroom with different Vons, but wouldn't put them anywhere near to on par with the PS Audio digital amp and the PCA-2 preamp combo, which is pretty special.

I wouldn't try tubes with these speakers unless you have a tiny room and don't listen to dynamic or demanding music, but perhaps a hybrid integrated tube amp, with the tubes in the input stage, would be a excellent choice, of which there are many. But, again, I still feel that 100wpc is the bare minimum for controlling the woofer, and the more current the better. Current is usually where integrateds are lacking, saddly, and in turn bass control, which is a huge issue with speakers that can put out flat, fast and deep bass into the mid 20hz region, a feat which few speakers at any price can do, so this is an important challenge to address for VSA owners, at least if you music tastes demand it.

If you can give me an idea of what is your budget for the amp/pre/integrated and source are, and what your music tastes tend towards, I could make some other suggestions for specific gear, as I've tried countless dozen pieces with various VonS speakers, and have a pretty good idea of what they mate well with and what gears suits what types of music best. You're also welcome to contact me via email if you wish.
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