Von Schweikert VR2's and Revel vs Vandersteen 2c

I've spent some time listening to various speakers to go in our new, larger, listening room (23x18 withopen ceiling to 2nd floor). Out of the one's auditioned The Vandersteen 2ce sounded the "best" to my ears compared to the others (Monitor Audio silver6, B&W 603, Totem Sttaf, Thiel 1.6). The other two speakers I'd like to hear but can't due to no dealer in the area are the Revel Concerta F12 and Von Schweikert Vr2.

For those that have heard them, how does the sound compare to the Vandersteens? Are there some others in the <$2000 range new/used that I should listen to? My only concern with the Vandies is the full length "sock" which could be an issue with our two cats so I'd like an alternative that is close soundwise. I've got some flexibility as far as placement, seating distance goes but they will definitely be placed along the 23 ft wall.
I have a pair of 20 (!) year old 2c's, and will never part with them. They sound fantastic with my high end system, as well as with my old stuff (adcom/basis1400). Don't think you can improve much on them.
((The My only concern with the Vandies is the full length "sock" which could be an issue with our two cats))
The store Bed Bath and Beyond sells a Citrus Orange scent spray that works like a charm.
Tape a small plastic bag with this sprayed in the bag behind the speaker and spray some around the support base Kitty will not like too much.The Vandersteens are a Form following function speaker. Its this wrap around design that allows the Phase and time correct driver placement.
The preference of better sounding ""more costly than a Box" baffeless enclosures hiding under the grille allows the design to achieve its benchmark performance measurements.
Add to this the use of computer selected matched wide range drivers, lofty components further has this Classic timeless design shine inside where it counts.
Cheers Johnnyr