Von Schweikert VR2 or Soliloquy 6.3 ?

Does anyone have an opinion about either of the above speakers ?
I have a chance to buy them for about the same price - the Soliloquy 6.3's are being phased out for a updated line in Jan 04. I've heard the Soliloquy 5.3 and didn't think they were my cup of tea -the fit and finish of the 5.3 was incredible but I'm more concerned with the sound.
I've owned the Vr4 Gen III previously and loved them - I believe Mr Von Schweikert knows how to design speakers as good as anyone. I'm using a Jolida Hybrid 100 watt integrated amp. I listen to Classic Rock, Jazz, and whatever else hits me at the moment.
Any thoughts or comments from those who own or have heard either speaker will be appreciated.
Thank You
Hey there Sedona,

I'm currently trying to decide between the VR2's and several other candidates, mostly costing a little more.
I'm new to the audiophile thing, but for what its worth the VR2's are on my short list. They wern't set up as recommended in the demo I heard them in, (you're supposed to fill them with sand or lead shot, and these weren't), but even so, to my ears, the base is articulate,solid and punchy, yet they sound nicely musical. Another caveat- I concentrated on big orchestra classical stuff in my demo, and less rock and jazz.

I havn't heard the Soliloquy 6.3's, so I cant comment on those.

Of speakers I've heard, Vandersteen 2eSigs or 3aSigs would be very high on my list for jazz, but they're less adept at classic rock. I suspect a lot of nice speakers will have trouble with the rock since recording practices tend to be a little whacked in that genre.

Good luck.
I've listened to both and liked the VR-2's the best. The highs on the Soliloquy were too agressive (not sure if they had the recommended 400+ hours of break-in or not). The VR-2's are also very detailed in the treble, but not as harsh sounding. You can toe-in the VR-2's to get pinpoint imaging but still have a huge soundstage due to the rear adjustable tweeter. The VR-2's also had a fuller, natural sounding bass but still remained extremely fast. The midrange seemed pretty close on each.
Thanks for the responses
I ended up ordering a new pair of the VR2's in African Hazlewood.
Looking forward to getting them.
Sedona, did you see African Hazelwood at a dealer? I mention it only because I ordered VR4 SE's in African Hazelwood based on the color on their web page, and the actual color is much blonder. Very nice, with lots of grain, but blonder nonetheless. You might check the color in person if you haven't just to be sure it's what you want.
I have the VR-1's in Hazelwood and they are slightly darker than my natural polyurethaned Red Oak hardwood floors but are so close, they blend right in.