Von Schweikert VR2 mods?

Have anyone done any mods to their VR2's speakers? Such as upgraded crossover or other parts? I have a good tech friend of mine that owns his own speaker company and he has told me that he could make the speakers sound and perform better. Interesting!

Will he be able to remove the mods if you don't like their effect? If not I'd not be interested. If they are expensive mods I think I'd just invest my money in new speakers when the opportunity/inclination appears. FWIW.
I wouldn't mod them. First, you don't know the results beforehand. Second, the resale value will drop below the value of stock VR2 loudspeakers because few buyers are interested in taking a risk on speakers that have been altered. Third, for the cost of the speakers plus the cost of the mods, you can likely buy superior loudspeakers, especially if you buy used.