Von Schweikert VR2 complimet integrated tube Amp

I'm buying VR2 and like the sound of tubes but have limited
bucks. I was hoping to find a used integrated tube amp
that would work good with these speakers. Mfg recommends
100 watts? It needs to be clean and responsive and well
rounded. I tried some Antique Sound lab AQ1001 DT integrated
amp. It did fine on jazz and vocals, but when I put some
fast paced Robin Trower on it lagged and din't sound as
good as non tube amps. I also have lot's of records
as well as CD's. I'm at a lost given limited funds.
Anyone can suggest some units to look out for.
Thanks Jim
For your speakers I would actually recommend a SS amp, especially with limited funds. Something like the older Bel Canto integrated would do nicely. If tubes are a must try the ARC VS55i.

There is another thread here asking about amps used with VR2s, try looking that up too.

Good luck.
I own the VR-2's.I auditioned them with an inexpensive Consonance tube powered integrated(40 WPC)at a local dealer(Quest For Sound).they sounded terrific!!!