Von Schweikert VR1 against Spendor 3.5

I think this 2 of the best mini monitors under 2000, Im trying to decide for one so any help would be great.
My system is all tube, power CJMV50, pre SFL-1, CD Rotel 991, and DAC CAL Alpha.
I used to have a pair of Triangle Celius 202, the 2 year old series not the new one. And my system lacked of musicality and soundstage. Now, I have tried the Vr1s and IM impressed with the soundstage and depth. But I think I have lost some dynamics. I can notice listening to rock.
I havent listen to Spendor because here in Peru we dont have autorized dealer. So any help to decide between the Vr1s and the Spendor 3.5 is greatly apreciated.
I see there has been no response yet, so I'll add my thoughts. I have not heard the Spendor but own the VR-1s in a small secondary system and recommend them highly. They are especially good at soundstaging, detail and mid-range. I appreciate them more for strings, acoustic music, and voices. Good luck!
I've owned the S 3/5 and auditioned the VR1. I regret selling the Spendors. They are very nice sounding spks. Very inefficient. However, their new retail price is way too high. I think for less $ I'd look elsewhere. If you're able to find a used Tannoy MX1-M do not hesitate. These spks. are bargins and sound fantastic. I'll never depart w/my pr. You might want to look into Usher S-520. I've heard extreme praise for these spks. (New $400 retail) Spendor makes a larger bookshelf spk. The 3/1. Larger, more dynamic and easiler to drive. If you're having doubts about the VR1 now, get something else. Bill
I have the VR-1's. I have auditioned the Spendor 3/5's and 3/1's extensively. THe 3/1's have been a favorite speaker of mine for some time. As stated above the retail prices on all Spendor speakers have gone up because the Pound is whipping the Dollar.

The VR-1's are just a bigger bang for the buck right now. They have more air around instruments and greater high frequency extension.

THe Spendors are easier to listen to for long periods of time. THe Spendors are in many respects a better speaker. But, they are more expensive.

The VR-1's sound good with more equipment. They sound very good even with cheap Sony receivers.

Good luck!