Von Schweikert VR-9se

After spending an arm and a leg on a VR-9se speaker is it worth it to go crazy on AMPs just to drive the mid's and the high's since the speakers already have 2000 watts power sub combine.
Are you jesting??
it actually is not a bad idea if your budget allows. i know of a fellow tidal owner who powers the 'sunray' speaker part of his T1 sunray combo with chalice audio 'grail' SET amps and would not change for anything. he has tried alot of the super amps...both ss and set models and thinks what he has is ..' the best' way to power his speakers....

High end audio 101: The leading and trailing edges of the notes come from top module. If you add a sub woofer to a high end monitor and you get them to blend well you have the same concept as with your VR 9.

Just because you have a powered bass section which is much less crucial to drive with a mega amp as it is just low bass info, you still need quality electronics to drive the top module where the quality of the amplifier will create the magic you are trying to achieve.
No, you don`t have to go "crazy" if you mean ultra expensive amplifiers. Fortunately you can buy top quality sounding amps for reasonable money if you`re patient and do your research. If there`s one thing I`ve learned, high end performance and higher price don`t have a linear relationship.

yes... you must!

It's the law!

Super great and expensive speakers, figuring all of those adjectives are applicable, indicate some inference to the fact one will have 'on par' or similarly performing electronics.

One of the biggest myths in Audioland is one should hock the ranch to get speakers, and then put any old thing in fornt of them to have superior sound quality.

That's not only wrong, it is pure fantasy!

Truly high performing speakers... should indeed show upstream changes immediately.

Make some more sacrifices... as You're in this deep already... and you should be well pleased.

Don't spend or acquire fine source gear, amplification, and you'll never see the full potential of your high $$$ speakers.

it's really just that simple. So so front ends + reputedly outstanding loudspakers and you get 'so-so' sound very often.

place outstanding gear upstream from reasonably good or so so speakers and you'll have often, a fine to excellent sound quality on tap!

Put outstanding front ends, (sources and amps) in front of outstanding speakers and you have as good as it gets, much of the time.

Synergy is the key with gear, quality of the sound depends too on the room, and the nut behind the remote, own preffs.

In essence, one could hook an iPod to Wilson WP 8's and say it sounds fantastic!

my exp has said and shown me, you don't have to drop the wad on them to have a great sounding outfit. Instead, put the $$$$ into developing and transmitting the signal TO the speakers. They never make up for losses which occur in front of them. never.
I love Edge amplification with my VSA gear. There is a 12.1NL listed here for a song. Everyone of my audiofool buddies agrees with me that the combo really works well.
VAC tube gear is also an excellent option with VSA speakers. That's what I use on my modded 7's and the combination is magical.