Von Schweikert VR-5SE


I´m thinking on buying new speakers. I found the info I regarding the other contenders but I didn´t found a lot of info concerning this speakers. Some comparisons with WP8 from Wilson but nothing more...

I want to ask if is possible for the people who already heard them to post here their findings? And also what were the electronics behind them on the demo.

I read that the VR-5 will be at CES so if anyone goes there please report here his findings!

Thank you very much
I have had mine since May and couldn't be happier, from top to bottom they are wonderful speakers. I'm using a Vac Phi 110 in triode to drive the top and a Spectron Musician III on the bottom. I found this to be the best although using either amp alone wasn't bad. The speakers just respond to the strenghths of each amp, they are also sensitive to cable changes. I am far from over with experimenting with cable and amps, I'd love to try the Dartzeel but as far as speakers go the only way I would part with these is to go with the 7's or 9's.
Hello Fmontana!Thank you very much for your feedback!
Is possible to describe in few lines the sound of the VR-5? Did you compare them or demo other speakers when you bought it?

I notice you said they are very sensible to cables. What are the cables you have now? Did you test others?


Anyone has more feedback regarding this speaker?
Asradict, Sorry for the delay but I've been real busy. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. The sound of the VR-5? From top to bottom fantastic! Right out of the box I noticed they were the clearest speakers I have ever heard, the highs and the mids were the best I ever heard in my room and they only improved over time. If they had a weakness it was in the bottom end I thought. I was running the speakers with the Vac Phi 110 " I heard the Vac/ VonSchweikert VR4 SR at the NY show in 05,liked it so much I bought the amp and later the 5's".
I bought a Galibier TT. and was having it set up by Thom from Galibier, Thom was making a trip east to set up a few of the tables he had recently sold and asked if a few people from the area could come over and hear it. Two of the people commented I was only getting about 60% out of the speakers and suggested I switch amps or bi amp. I gave biamping a try "I didn't want to lose the high's and mids of the Vac" All I can say is WOW!! what a difference. It wasn't the speaker It was the amplification. Some people have decribed the 5's as mini 9's I couldn't agree more.
I have compared them to lot's of other speakers some costing quite a bit more if you want to privatly email me I would be glad to discuss them.
Cables are a lot of fun to experiment with as of yesterday I am using Goertz MI-3 Divinty, so far, not bad
I have used (borrowed) Purist Dominus bottom Nordost Frey top plus many more. As I said this is a work in progress.

Just to let you know, I heard the VR-4SRs driven with the VAC Phi 110 too at a dealer, and although it sounded wonderful, the VAC wasn't able to drive the SRs two woofers with authority, somewhat wooley and undefined bass. I own the VR-4SRs, and have a solid state amp. A more powerful solid state amp can grip these woofers with more authority and laydown the bass as it was meant to be heard and felt. I suspect you are having or hearing the same effect from your VAC/VR-5SE combo. Try to use a powerful solid state amp on the woofer modules, don't forget they are 4 ohms. I'd say at least 300 minimum of high current watts to make the woofers sing. Give it a try, you will be amazed how good the bass is from the VR-4SRs/ VR-5SE.
I agree with you 100%, In my earlier post I mention I'm now biamping using the Vac Phi 110 for the top and the Spectron MusicanIII for the bass bins I think the Spectron delivers 700 or 800 watt's into 4 ohms.

I bet your bass is so much better than using the VAC alone. Cool, nice to hear. Enjoy !
Hi all hey Mfontana
I have the BAT 75se/VR5se set up and wanted to also give bi-amping a try. But ss amp would have to have volume controls so I could match it with my tube amp. What Mfontana are you using to balance out the two amps?
My Vac has a gain of 38db, the Spectron has a gain of 28db.
From my Pre. I run two sets of cables one set to each amp. If left alone there would be a mismatch in volume the tube amp would play louder than the Spectron. To equal this out I put a pair of Rothwell 10db attenuators on the RCA's right before they enter the Vac amp. This did the trick, anyone who has heard the speakers can't tell there are two different amps running them " they are seamless " I thought the speakers were good before this change but they are now at another level. I bought the attenuators on Audiogon for i think $69.00. My friend has the VR5's also and was not as lucky with this project. He has the Atmasphere Ma1's and tried to mate them with the new PS audio amps but the speeds were off, the OTL's were just to fast for the PS audio amps. I am going to try and get him to contribute to this post, he knows far more than me on the subject.
"The Best Loudspeakers in the World" ...I couldn't agree more.

I own the New Von Schweikert Audio VR-5SE Loudspeaker. The

VR-5SE is the finest loudspeaker at the $30K to $40K price point,

selling at $25K in all finishes. The VR-5SE has a soundstage as if the

recording studio microphones are feeding the loudspeaker directly.

The VR-5SE's ability to mirror the microphone output is a feat that no

other loudspeaker I have ever heard can accomplish...the Quad Electro

Static's came very close, but the VR-5SE is there. The VR-5SE sound-

stage,imaging and dynamic contrasts are second to none, only the

more expense Von Schweikert loudspeaker offerings can compete with

the VR-5SE loudspeaker.

I am using the Atma-Spere MA-1 MK 111 along with the Zero's Impedance

matching transformers bi-wired to the bass section using the 4X setting.

Ideally the VR-5SE would like to see a high current solid state amp, to get

the best performance from the two 9" woofers. I just love the clarity the

OTL'S bring out in this loudspeaker. The MA-1 MK111 are fast and detailed

for a tube amp.

The Solid State amps I would use are the Following:

Pass Labs X600.5, X350.5, X250.5

Pass Labs XA160 and XA 100 using the Zero Impedance matching transformers

using the 4X setting on the Bass.

Bryston 7BSST


Spectron Music Man 3

The VR-5SE can also be bi-amped...although one should use similar amps...

matching amps of different speeds and gains can be tricky.

In conclusion the VR-5SE loudspeaker is a reference tool for any audiophile

wanting to know how good the rest of the systems components are...pre-amp, amp,

digital sources, analog and cabling will have a window to there strengths and weakness.