Von Schweikert VR 55 Active versus Wilson Audio Alexia's/Sasha's?? Which upgrade??

OK here's my situation:

Have been listening to Wilson Watt/Puppy 7's for 12 years, bought the speakers new to replace Watt/Puppy 2's.  The 7's were a large upgrade from the 2's and overall I've enjoyed them immensely.  They sound very good to great on all types of music, important for me as my musical tastes are quite broad.

My system is otherwise as follows: Sota Star III/SME V/Benz Ruby Z font end, Oppo 105 digital player,  ARC Reference 2 Mk. II/ARC PH3 SE preamps, Krell KSA 250 power amp, mix of Straightwire, Purist Audio, Cogelco cables.  Obviously my system is kinda "vintage."

Well long story short made the mistake of auditioning the Von Shweikert VR 55's as well as new Sasha 1's/2's as well as Alexia 2's.  Of the four the VR 55's were fantastic and the best IMO, though in all fairness the above were heard at different times in differing systems.  They all represent a significant extra cost versus my current W/P 7's (valued at $6500 ish trade in - IF I trade).

So I've been shopping used/demo's and here are my choices for upgrade:

1. VR 55 Active demo's in black for $30K

2. Used Sasha 1's in black $14K

3. Used Sasha 2's in black $18K

4. Used Alexia 1's in black $25K

I'm leaning towards option 1 as it seems like more of a true upgrade despite the cost (1/2 off full retail though!).  I do have some concerns that the VR 55's will reveal too many flaws in my system, though that may not be the case.

Any suggestions or opinions?


Definitely go with the VSA VR55 Aktives! I have had mine since April 2015 and could not be happier with the build, parts quality, sound, and service. I have contrasted VSA with Wilson several times in the past and VSA always sounded more beautifully real and revealing to me. The 55s have killer bass and the best treble that I have heard. The 55's will be great now, and if you ever upgrade other components they will keep up handily.  The 30K price you mentioned is excellent. 
Just make sure you also check out a pair of Vandersteen Five ACts
 The Phase and time correct design, powered bass section and precision in room calibration work wonders
 In five years how many 60 k Vandersteen 7s have you seen used ?