Von Schweikert VR-4SR or Revel Ultima Studio 1

Which should I get to replace my B&W N802. VSA VR-4SR v1, v2 or Revel Ultima Studio v1?
Thank you
I've only heard the Von Schweikert. Once you take the time to tweek speaker placement perfectly, it's pure magic.
You'll know it when you find the perfect toe and placement.
The important question - why do you want to replace your N802?
I Tried my freind's VR-4JR in my house, both of us liked the VR-4JRs than the N802s. They sound more musical.
"They sound more musical."

Unfortunately "musical" is about the most vague, subjective word that exists in audio.

Can you define what "musical" means to you? Only then will people be able to make recommendations as to what they think you will like.

The VR4 jr is a warmer, softer, rounder sounding speaker than N802. N802 is perhaps a bit more vibrant, neutral, and definitely more dynamic.

Are you running the N80s with a sufficient amp (~600+ WPC into 4 ohms) and a big enough room (at least 350 sq feet or so)?
VS speakers are all extremely musical in my experience. I think "musical" (IMHO) generally means revealing and detailed but not at the expense of excessive analytical qualities. The OP was asking about the VR 4 Sr, not the JR. My experience with the VR4 SR Mk II is exactly that of Zman's experience above. Extremely non fatiguing and wonderful midrange for vocals, esp female vocals. Magical and captivating. And musical. But to the OP, please tell us about the rest of your equipment and provide more information that may help the rest of us help you.
Goatwuss maybe you're right more musical is not the right word to use, but my friend, my brother, and I prepare the sound of VR4jr. Yes there were sufficient power driving the speakers, a pair of Parasound Halo JC1 monos and we also tried my friend's Levinson and my brother's W4S SX1000.
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Nice system, but I have no first hand experience with these components. You could call Von Schweikert and see what they recommend speaker wise. I know they use AP wiring inside the speakers, so your speaker cables are already on track! I run a Pass XP10 into Bel Canto Ref 1000 mk II. These speakers can take the power and are easy to drive without strain. Your amps should work great with them.
Based on your liking the VR4 JR I would say go for the SR. They will sound similar.

The revels are more on the detailed/neutral side of things
Von Schweikert VR-4SR will be my next speaker. "Euphonic", in a good way is how I would discribe them. They brought out the music in the music, is that anything like more "musical". My audio friend has a pair and I spend a lot of time at his place.
I have the VR-4SR's that you are considering with the AH Upgraded to 2.1 Preamp that you have plus NorthStar Transport and DAC and into Nuforce V3 SE Reference amps.
I auditioned Wilson Sophias, Dali's and many other speakers before purchase. I love my VR SR's! Because they are revealing, they do respond well to a tube somewhere in the system with digital. I have upgraded my pre, IC's, amp since getting the speakers but you would have to fight me for them. They just get better though each upgrade of other equipment. Heard them with a 20K Meridian 808.3 a few weeks ago in my system and they just sounded even better. Also they have been 100% reliable.
Unfortunately musical and N802 don't belong in the same discussion. VSA's are great sounding speakers.
Thank you for all your response. What you guys think of Wilson Sophia 1 compared to VSR VR-4SR or Revel Studio 1? Thank you
I can't imagine anyone not being happy with the Studio 1 's , dynamic , well balanced , neutral , no added coloration that some manufacturers add to give a feel of warmth . They will work well with your preamp . As always try before you buy , in home if possible .
I owned the VS SR Mark ll's for a while.
First the tweeters blew. Though they had a 12 year warranty, VS said the warranty would not cover it because the damage had to be caused by overdriving the tweeters.
So, I had to pay for the replacement tweeters!
They were $40 each. Cheap...

I also thought the VS SR Mark ll's required quite a bit of power. My Pass Labs X350.5 Amp meters were bouncing with moderate sound levels.

I eventually sold them for my present Andra 11 speakers.
My Amp runs cooler and I have never had a problem with power or with the Tweeters.

In comparison to the VS tweeters, the Andra 11's Tweeters cost almost a $800 a pair.