Von Schweikert VR-4jr owners, your thoughts?

Hi, I was just wondering if there were any new VR-4jr owners here? And what do you think of them?
Are they worth the asking price... and more?
What are their strengths? Weaknesses?
And what are you driving them with?
Thanks for any input you may have.
I'm driving them w/a BAT VK 300se. They are super. Well worth the $4K asking price, and probably competitive with anything for 2X the funds. A major strength is their ability to play virtually anything well, from Diana Krall to the Who. They are extremely fast and dynamic. They are capable of extremely believable bass. I've heard them with Sophia's 845 SET tube amplifiers, and they sound extremely good with those as well. If you can find them, buy them.
Thanks for your reply Cbucki.
How do you think they'll do with
McCormack upgraded Rev A amp
or PS Audio HCA-2
What type of speaker cables are you using?
At their price point they do most things very well and as stated have very good overall balance .They work eaqualy well with tubes a SS which is also another plus.
I've had mine for about 1 month but just re-configured my room last weekend to take advantage so I am still hunting for the perfect placement. I am still breaking in Analysis Plus Oval 9 bi-wire cables and Analysis plus interconnects. I also went with the VR-1s for rear surround and LC-15 center channel for HT. I use sunfire 200W amplification. I am upgrading from Tannoy Mercury 4 so the difference for me is substantial. I auditioned other speakers including MA GR60, SF GPH, B&W 804, 703, Tannoy TD 10 and Eyris DC, and Vandy 2ce and to me the 4Jrs were substantially better and I heard it immedietely. So far I have been truly amazed at what I am hearing from nice smooth highs down to solid bass. I was listening to a lot of multi-channel SACD but have now been sticking with 2 channel since these sound so damn good. VSA seems to be a very good company and has been very helpful with placement advice and support.
I am using Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval ICs and Speaker Wire. It's a pleasant, neutral cable.
Your amp choices are really unlimited with these speakers.
It will really come down to your personal sonic preferemces.
I won't go into detail, but my dealer told me that Von Schweikert only made 100 of these off the bat and they are incredibly in demand. They approach the vr 4 gen III, and for the price are an absolute value. Mine aren't even broken in yet, but I think these speakers are on the threshhold of the high end vs value curve. In other words, they are amazing for $4k. I want to go nuts and say they are the most incredible speaker, but I know that's just my emotions talking, I couldn't be happier and they only have 20 hours on them. Not even close to broken in. Enough said.
I've had my pair for about 2 months now and they really are fantastic speakers. Seems to be a lot of commonality here with electronics and cables. I'm using a BAT VK300se integrated with Analysis Plus Solo crystal cable and IC's. I've also filled the cavities with play sand (a 50lb bag with suffice for the pair). The sound is detailed, warm and dynamic.
I just came from the Audio Show @the Hilton in N.Y.
I spoked with Albert V.S. a nice man also cool. The speaker V.S. VR-4jr blew me away,inlove at first sight. I even took cd's with to test a few speakers, but these speaker sound wise stood tall over all the rest for the size although out of my price range. Albert gave me an Ideal he said use the payment plan via the credit card. so I going to clear some of the c.c. Either trade,sell or etc my Definitive Tech BP2002TL and catch up with the Big Boy. I cannot get over how these these Von Schweikert VR-4jr sound and I heard alot of HighEnd Speakers and other Audio Electronics. I also went to Las Vegas CES and THE SHOW this Year Jan 2004. If any one hear of any discount let me know. Still inlove with Von Schweikert VR-4jr Speakers.

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Well Stephen,

Mine are breaking in still and still trying to find the right placement (only downside to VS speakers but who cares) - the detail and soundstage and... are absolutely amazing. I could hear noises I thought were coming from outside and I hit pause to look. The noise stopped. It was actually the musicians in the symphony moving thier chairs, taking a breath before playing, etc and it was almost scary.

I still can't believe this is available for $4k. I just bought 100lbs of lead shot to put in it today that should improve them even more. I talked to Kevin and he said for the show that you went to they used 50lbs of lead shot for each speaker and they highly recommend doing that. Just an FYI when you get yours. It should make a big improvement.
Mine are on the way, they just shipped yesterday from California.
I have owned VR 1's, liked them, then moved up to VR 2's.
Had the VR 2's for over a year, sold em here, and now I am moving up to the VR 4JR's.
In my opinion, Albert Von Schweikert is one of the worlds premier speaker designers, and knows what music sounds like.
The man studied under Richard Heyser at Cal Tech, and at ESS under Oskar Heil.
He is a far cry from some of the "wood butchers" masquerading as speaker designers now days.
I cant wait for mine to arrive, I have waited a long time for my Vr4 JR'S .
I had to wait for my VR2's almost a month, but the wait was worth it.
Kevin at the factory told me that the extensive testing program just flat takes time, and I am ok with that.
I am sure that the wait will be worth it.
I've had my VR4jrs for about 3 weeks now and they have about 250 hours on them. They are an outstanding speaker for the money - even at 2-3x the price. Very involving!! They blew away the more expensive JMLab Electra 926 and 936s, and Vandersteen 3As, my former Vienna Acoustic Mozarts and their bigger brother the Beethoven, as well as Dali Concidence series. The VR4jrs are so much more musical and live-sounding. Absolutely outclasses the others in every way. Especially the JMLabs which although very revealing and make nice sounds, they do not make the music that the VR4jrs, or any of the VSA speakers do. Both my wife and I even prefer them over the JMLab Utopias.
I'm running them with a Rogue 99 Magnum preamp, Bryston 4BST amp and Rega Jupiter CD. Tried an Edge M8 amp for a week and the 4jrs sounded amazingly clear and transparent, significantly better than the Bryston although the latter is no slouch at all. So the speakers just seem to get better with each upstream upgrade.

Mine arrived with a defective rear ambience pot. VRS authorized a return of the upper box immediately by freight - I shipped the speaker to them in CA on a Tuesday from CO and I had it back in my living room by that Friday. Amazingly FAST and responsive service. I cannot recommend VAS products or their service highly enough. One minor quibble is about the spikes. Four of the eight of them bent when I loaded 40lbs of lead weight into each of the bass modules. Kevin of VSA says that there appears to be some inconsistency in the quality of the spike material used but they are shipping me some different spikes at no cost.
These will probably be the speakers that finally stop my in my upgrade journey - they are that good. Real Keepers.
Lots of good info jgiacalo.

Just wanted to second that the spikes do suck. You can bend them with your hands. I had to get some stronger ones aftermarket.
I was told that the JR had a more distant perspective, whereas the 4SE has a more forward sound. Does anyone know if this is true, because some of the comments I'm reading on this site do not seem to indicate the JR is distant. I personally prefer some presence in the midrange, opposed to laidback or recessed.
I had that feeling the first time I heard them. I felt the midrange (voices) were a bit far back in the sound stage. That is the only negative aspect I (IMHO) found in the jnr4's. I have a great midrange speaker at home which is the Harbeth compact 7 and tomorrow I will receive a pair of jnr4 to audition for a coule of days. I'll be able to comment more precisely between the two. Hopefully it is a room factor at the dealer's location. best.
I have the VR 4 Jr for a month now. About 250 hours on them. I don't find the perspective distant. It is definately not in your face though. Imaging and soundstaging are excellent. The midbass resolution is slightly recessed in my opinion. Overall a fine pair of speakers. One plus point is that they play all genres of music well.
I have both the VR-4 Jrs. and VR-4 HSEs in my room at the moment. I haven't done a direct A-B, but the Jrs. don't strike me as having a particularly recessed or distant sound. The HSEs might be a BIT more forward, but I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing or not--depends on one's perspective. I think the Jrs. are better soundstagers than the HSEs, and they seem to have 95% of the slam factor of the larger speakers. All in all, I think the Jrs. are one of the best deals in high-end. There's no way they should be able to deliver the performance they do at the 4k mark, but they do. The HSEs are probably still a little bit better--for 2k more, they should be--but, at least as far as I can tell, the differences are slight at best.
I agree with Hooper. The difference between the 4 and 4 jr are very minor.

The midrange is a bit back on the jrs (when the rear ambiance driver) is used. However, I think it is because the soundstage is deep (past the back wall). In that respect it is how is should be. If the rear ambiance driver is turned off then the soundstage is smaller and the midrange is more present.

So I don't see it as a problem or inacuracy. It is a tweak to customise what you hear.

I still get goose bumbs when I hear a well recorded LP. I didn't expect that for $4k
Mid-bass recessed? I believe Gp1 is the first audiophile to say this. What do the rest of you think? Perhaps the very good depth of the speaker does bring the soundstage back a bit, is what I am gathering. Well, let's just bloat it up a bit with a bloomy tube preamp or amp! That's what I call customizing the sound.....
What spikes did you use to replace the VR-4jr spikes with? Are you happy with them? Do you know the thread size of the spikes? Thanks
ELB.. Contact VSA. They will send you a pair of the new spikes at no charge. Just got mine this week, and they are a major improvement.

I've heard the VR4 III HSEs in my buddy's place and they were amazing. To think they only had about 20 to 30 hours on them the first time I heard them. Right now, they have over 100 hours or so on them and they sound even better. Mid-bass and bass is just to die for. Mid and highs are also great.

Just like what all the reviews say, they are very versatile speakers. From Electronica to jazz quartets to Orchestral music ... simply outstanding. And the way the VR technology just fills up the room and does away with that sweet spot ... amazing.

If the musicality of the Jr's are 70 to 80% of the VR4 HSE's, then they should be awesome.

I actually went to an audio store in Berkeley, CA. I asked if they had any spikes (I was ready to buy some). They said since I travelled from San Jose to the store, they'd just give me some. They are just spikes with a locking nut (nothing fancy), but they work good. They won't break. They are solid. No name brand or anything. They probably keep them around in case they need them for speakers in the showroom. I've never had any desire to try anything else. They work!

Sorry, I can't be of anymore help than that.