Von Schweikert VR-4jr; Mark I vs. Mark II

I'm looking at options on purchasing the original (about 2 year old version), or the recently released Mark II. Has anyone heard both who can describe the level of improvements in the newer model?


More dynamic and cleaner, tighter bass. Really worth the upgrade. A new speaker at an ever higher level of musical presentation

I own the original and have heard the MkII recently - quite a few times in fact. It does sound a bit cleaner in the bass, but thats hard for me to tell for sure if its a marked improvement because my dealer is using completely different components. I could not tell any difference in terms of dynamics as the original are very good at this to begin with. The mids and highs are as smooth as mine. In fact, I still prefer my setup and sound head and shoulders over the dealers. I would suggest if you can get a MK1 at a good price - go for it. Matching amp/pre/turntable/CDP/cables will ultimately dictate the final sound IMO.

Good Listening
I was debating this question for quite some time. If it is not as obvious as you say it is, i could definatley live with the originals.