Von Schweikert vr-4 vs Stratus GoldI

Hello, I ve owned the Vr-4 Scheikert and found them to be Excellent, Sold them long ago.
Ive had the opportunity to hear the Psb Stratus golds and found them to be quite good as well. Anybody had a chance to AB them or something wish to chime in?
I heard the Gold I's many years back when they were popular. Bryston amplifier and maybe preamp (can't remember the pre) I was not that impressed and was thankful for my speakers. Then too, maybe it was the amp's fault. Hard to say. The room setup  was a dedicated room albeit no acoustic treatments. Still sounded like a veil on the speakers as compared to mine. Then too, my Silverlines were twice the cost (I believe)
I heard the Stratus GoldI with Conrad Johnson gear many years ago. It was very nice. No experience with the VR-4's.
I can’t really help but I’m still in love with my VR-4JRs. Good luck. 
Pry wait for a set of vr-4's.... Also had the vr-8's
@hiend2 Coincidentally, I used to sell PSB loudspeakers. I won’t go into too much detail or provide any background unless you feel interested. I’ve also had a lot of interaction with the Von Schweikert VR4.

PSB built a first class loudspeaker in the Stratus Gold i. That said, with all but a very few amplifiers, they simply never wake up, and come alive. That allowed very few owners to actually hear what they purchased. The Stratus Gold i present a phenomenally difficult load for a partnering amplifier.

The VR4 came a few years later, in the early 2000s, and had a very good run. I felt they sounded quite good, though the hype around them, including some who often posted here about them, went over the top in relation to sense or reality. Unlike the PSB, they present a friendly load to the typical amplifier.

Because of the demand they put on the partnering amplifier, I recommend the VR4 over the Stratus Gold i to the vast majority of folks. One has far more flexibility in what they use while still enjoying good sound. However, put them in actual drag race, commit to giving each product what they demand, and I would choose the PSB for those who listen to loud or want to feel the performance, particularly with dynamic music

Thank you. Found a pair of vr-4. I had these years ago and loved them even after owning the vr-8's.
Hi all. I recently picked up a pair of Stratus Goldis. I’m powering them with 300 watts, an Antipodes music server, good cabling, and a dedicated line. The sound is transformative. I’m sure there are better more detailed speakers out there but damn these are so engaging. 
I recently heard a set of audiovector sr3 avantgarde‘s. They sound more refined in the sound stage but are less engaging. I don’t know how the PSB’s stack up to other high end speakers but damn there is something special about them when you drive them with what they need. 
Am I wrong to compare them to much more expensive speakers?