Von Schweikert VR 4 jr. Worth upgrading to MKII?

Has anyone compared the original VR4 jr with the MKII version? I am considering the upgrade and wondering if it is worth the $1000.
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search the archives . . . there was a discussion a while back about the differences between the 2 versions. My (vague) recollection is that the difference is minor and only exists because one of the components in the MkI is no longer available, so they found a substitute.
There is a new VR4 Annivesary Edition speaker coming out soon. I am sure it will be at the CES or T.H.E. show. The VR4jr MKII is now out of production. The Anniversary Edition is replacing it. It looks a lot like jr, but I hear that the sound is an upgrade. I have the VR4jr's and love them, but I am very interested to hear more about this new speaker!
Hi Pal, before you think about a speaker upgrade(the last link in the chain) work on improvements that reduce distortion & noise "upstream". It's "remarkable" how much better your speakers will sound by simply 'eliminating' digital hash--distortion- from cd player AC line contamination. If you reveal more about your system I & others may have suggestions that will give you 'more bang for your buck'. Cheers.pete
Just out of interest would like to know myself, however I love my Jr,s so much as they are, I could not imagine an upgrade being worth the money. For that extra money, I think spending it on a fast subwoofer, even if it were not a VSA unit would give you more bang for the song and the buck. Happy listening. Glen
I just heard the VR 4 JR Anniversary at CES '08 and was very impressed. The sound seemed more lively and forward than other iterations, but I've not lived with any in the line and only heard them at shows or at a dealer's. That said, the sound was very resolving, live, and energetic without being bright or edgy. I normally prefer a more relaxed and smooth presentation, but I have to say I was impressed.