Von Schweikert VR 4 III SE v/s Legacy Focus 2020

I am dismantling my whole system,boxing it & leaving Long Island for Connecticut. These speakers I will be evaluating with my good audiophile friend in 2 locations to determine which I like best.Anyone hear both & has something to share? Thanks.
Both are excellent speakers, worthy of any fine audiophile system. I now own the VR4 III HSE, and they replaced the Focus (not the 20/20s though).

In summary:
Bass - Better on the VR4s, tighter, less boomy, more punch, easier to control.
Imaging - Both excellent
Highs - Both Excellent
Soundstage - Focus had a taller soundstage, the VR4s have a wider soundstage. Depth was good on both.
Finish - Focus were much nicer
Mids - Both were excellent, VR4s slightly warmer, more natural to me.
Sweet spot - This is probably what did it for me, the VR4s have a better, wider listening angle, the Focus were very narrow (1 person).

As they say, your mileage may vary based on equipment that you're using, but this is what my system produced.

I agree with Mark above and will add that the Focus is a more efficient speaker and will probably go louder. I too settled for the VR's. I found the highs easier on the ears with the VR's. A more musical presentation.
Thanks Byfo & Mark for your much appreciated feedback.
I just had a customer come in to my shop after hearing the 20/20 in the morning. He left with the VR4 III SE and was astounded how much better it was.
Another option..VMPS RM40,,On Audiocircle there is a post..a comparison between the VR4 and VMPS RM40..the guy says RM40 just trounced the VR4..


please read that longish post on the website..
some extracts...
" We worked our way through the rock, jazz and classical selections, with the VR-4s aquitting themselves admirably throughout. They had deep bass, good imaging, very good detail and were pleasant to listen to."
" My final impression of the Von Schweikert VR-4 is of a very fine loudspeaker for the money, well-suited for systems needing a little extra warmth and sweetness. With cello and other strings, female voices, especially those like Eva Cassidy or Rosa Passos, the sweetness was both easily heard and very pleasant. "
and after VR4,,,
"The RM40s just delivered more; more inner detail, more natural timbral reproduction, especially with male voices and cellos, more dynamics and a much larger soundstage/image."
"To make a long story a little shorter, I wrote a check for the VMPS speakers on the spot. i want to emphasize that if I hadn't heard the RM40s , i would've been very, very happy with the Von Schweikert speakers."
Thanks Aram. I have since gotten the VR-4s & are very happy with them.