Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen III & Tyler Linbrook Sig's

I'm strongly considering both of these and would like to hear your feedback particularly if you've heard both the VS VR-4 Gen III and Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System (one piece).

While as a Tyler Linbrook Signature System (2 piece in my case) owner, my comments will certainly be considered biased... I would have to say in the case of the VR-4 vs. the Linbrook System, the Tylers would easily be my choice...

I actually have heard most of the VS line and I absolutely love many of the speakers in it (the VR-11s are my favorite speakers for example regardless of price), but I think the VS line does not *really* shine until you get to the wonderful DB99s (and up). If I were considering the Linbrook System, it is the DB99s that most closely compete with them, IMO.

I own the VR4 Gen III HSE and love them. I'd welcome the opportunity to
hear them side by side with the Tyler Linbrook Signature System.

The VR4 Gen III HSE go down to 16hz vs. the 25hz of the Linbrook
Signature, if that makes any difference to you. Also, if used speakers are
an option, VR4 GenIII HSE are available at remarkably good prices these
days on Audiogon.