von schweikert vr 4

Hi guys.
Did anybody have any problems with potentiometer that regulates back firing tweeter in VR 4?
Mine has stopped adjusting it.
Any solution?
Thanks for reply.
I had the VR4JR for a while, but never had a problem with the adjustment of the ambiance tweeter. Have you pulled the plate/assembly out to confirm that its still wired? have you lost control or all sound out of the tweeter?

finally, is it possible that the dial has lost its grip on the pole and while you are turning the dial, it is not turning the pole/shaft?
You problems here. I don't adjust it very often, though.
the fix would be to replace the Pot. I've had this happen on a guitar amp - the sweeper became dislodged from the shaft in my case (as Ckoffend suggests). Pots are cheap, and not hard to replace. I'd call Von Schweikert before doing anything though.
i've lost all sound out of one of mine. happened to the other side too, but i sent that one in under warranty.
Thanks to everybody.
did you fix it?
I did not fixed it yet. Albert called me and advised to contact Madisound for similar potentiometer.