Von Schweikert VR 22

I would be grateful for any input on the Von Schweikert VR 22. They would be paired with Prima Luna Prologue 5, Jolida 5t, Sim Audio Moon 100 d and Airport Express.
Yes they are good value for the $$'s myself I prefer Vandersteens

in the same idiom.

I have the similar VR-33 and like them a lot. They are great all round speakers for music and home theater, and occupy a small footprint for their size as they are designed to go close to the front wall. If I was buying today I would seriously consider the VR-22, especially for a modest size room. They look like great value. However, you might find it difficult to audition as it's only available factory direct and it's quite new, but there is some information over at Audiocircle in case you haven't seen it.

Have you heard the VR-22s? If so I would like to hear your impressions.
Haven't heard them. But they come with a 90 day home trial.
I owned the VR-33s and they were good, not great speakers. I have my doubts about the VR-22s.
Hi Ros, Yes while they are good value for the money --they lack dynamics

and are slightly muffled in the lower mid bass

Just my observations-I still prefer Vandersteens( if you want floor

standers) for Standmounts the Reference 3A da Capos take some beating

I heard the VR22's at this year's RMAF. They're more revealing (and demanding) of upstream components than the VR33's and will serve well to judge equipment as your system evolves. The VR22's impressed me to the point that I purchased a pair for a college graduation present. I think they're a great buy at the price. If you audition the VR22's, they'll need several weeks of break-in unless VSA gives them a head start for you before shipping.
Thanks. VSA will break them in. Albert Von Schweikert says my tube equipment should sound good with them.
The VR22s are very good, I auditioned them with much more expensive gear and they delivered a top quality sound that did not suggest they were the weak link. They even can be placed close to a wall without major compromise which is hard to appreciate until you need to exploit this.

Not sure what's better sounding at the price, though there are probably many that are better looking, though these actually blend in well to a room. I believe you can get a month's trial with return privileges from VSA so trying them is not too difficult, they are not too heavy and should be easy enough to pack and ship back if you don't care for them in your rig.
I have had a lot of a speakers in and out of my system in the last several years, but opted for the VR-22's after the Newport Beach show in June. Unimpressive out the box, like many new speakers, they have over time broken in nicely and are absolutely the favorite speakers I have had in my listening my room at any price. The big plus for me this that they sound fantastic placed within 6" from the back wall -- one of the design features Albert had in mind when he designed them. They are very well tonally balanced, not what I would deem to be forward or bright speakers, they just are wonderfully musically. The low end is opening up day by day and is very convincing. At their price point, I could not recommend any speaker more highly! Albert Von Shweikert is one of the supremely intelligent and classy guys in the audio industry! They leave me wanting for nothing in sound reproduction. Give them an audition. If you are in the Sacramento area, please come by for a listen. Cheers, Mark
Hey Mark,
Do the 22's give a large sweetspot/sweetscape? If so, about how large in feet.