Von schweikert VR-1 VS Ascend Sierra

Both have awesome reviews,both sell for 600$ used....
Have anyone compared them?

VR-1 is a great speaker for the money. You should be able to find a good used pair for $500 or less. Check craigslist if you can't find it on A'gon.
Never heard the Ascend but the VR1 is pretty special. It does all the mini monitor stuff well and it has big bass. It can also be driven by just about anything and is very well finished. What a package!
i can't comment on the ascend sierra, altho i have heard their 340 monitors and wasn't blown away--build quality and sound were just okay. the vr-1 on the other hand, is fantastic--beautiful wood, dynamic, engaging, with a ton of low end slam. like the above posters, i just don't think you can go wrong with it.