Von Schweikert VR-1 & VRS-1 or VR-2?

Has anyone been able to hear the VR-1s with the VRS-1 sub?
The cost of this combination, minus stands, is the same as a set of VR-2s. Both speakers get rave reviews, but I'm curious as to what your opinions are. I have plenty of amplification for the VR-2s so power requirements aren't a consideration.
Placement near to or away from the rear wall is a primary consideration, with the VR2's requiring clearance of several feet away from the rear wall, and the VR1's working best when placed close to the rear wall. The room you will be using and its inherent placement restrictions may dictate which system will sound best. Do a search and/or read the reviews on the Von Schweikert website. The reviews will inform you quite well as to the placement issues involved. Also, many users of 2-channel satellite/sub systems often advocate the use of two subs for optimal sound, so the cost of a truly apples-to-apples comparison may be slightly different than your original estimate.
Tvad is right. The VR-2's require a lot of breathing room for optimum performance. Therefore, it will surely depend on the size of your room. If you have a small room or a lot of space restrictions, VR-1's + sub will be your best bet. Instead of moving around 2 floorstanders, you just need to worry about sub placement.
I'm just sick enough to feel that even the 2's need a sub! But another VERY good combo, for just a bit more, would be two LCR-15's with the VRS-1 subwoofer.
I recently emailed back and forth with an audio reviewer who heard the VR1 and the VR2 -- he told me the audio dealer he was listening to both speakers with said his customers prefer the VR1 monitors combined with the VR1 subwoofer. I found that quite interesting.
I auditioned exactly these two speakers and here is what I did. I flat out preferred the sound of the VR-2 to the 1's combo. Its not that the satellite-sub combo of the 1's didn't sound great, it did. I preferred the sound of the 2's

You must take into consideration your room of course, but in the end, the VR-2 and the VR-1 with sub are not interchangeable or equivalent. They sound different and you should listen to them before you buy. With speakers more than any other component you need to hear it for yourself.

Either should be pleasing.......and "Jtgale" is right.....he's bass crazy!
Hey David,
I thought you had already got the 2's? Guess your still deciding. That deal on the 2's seemed very good. Iv'e had mine now for about 3weeks(demos slightly broken in) and find them excellent.I didn't listen to the VR1 sub combo, but the coherence of the 2's is striking. You'll not be dissapointed. I think the bass is all there that you'd ever really need, of course subs would augment, but thats true for even most full range speakers. I bi-amped SS for Mid/woofers and running tubes to tweeters with great results. In my 19x22 room they are 54 in. from the rear wall(measure from the front of the spkr) and 8ft apart very slightly toed(not much) Big,Dynamic, smooth and coherent is how I would describe them, and they have some more breaking in to do. Make the call man, go for the 2's!
As a dealer I live with and setup these up all the time.

There is no comparison between the sound of a VR-1 / sub and a VR-2. The VR-2 is not a VR-1 with more bass. The VR-2 is more open, has more resolution and of course springy, articulate bass to die for.
The VR-2 also need more space around it. If you can get it 4-5 feet from the back wall, you will be able to render a really deep and detailed soundstage.

If you're looking for 3D holographic sound the VR-2 goes well beyond the VR-1.

If you're more into home theatre, all LCR-15s is a step above the VR-1 for left/right channels. There is alot of bass in a VR-1 or LCR15. Use a sub for each channel in order to better phase align the left and right. There is alot of bass in a VR-1 or LCR15. You'll be mighty impressed. Still not VR-2 sound, it's different.
I've listened to both (VR-1's with and without sub & VR-2's without sub but with and without 5 kg of sand fill) and did choose the VR-1 with VRS-1 sub. Main reason (as stated here before) was my lack of sufficient breathing room for the VR-2's.
BUT I don't agree with the statement above that the VR-1's have a less holographic image. When placed 1.5 m into the room, I did found the 3D placement of instruments even better then for the VR-2's! But at this distance the lack of mid-bas warmth below 60-70 hz was obvious (even on Super Dreadnaught speaker stands). While the VRS-1 did add some warmth to the sound, using only one VRS-1 sub with a high cross-over setting isn't ideal for integrating the mid-bass.

So, the choise at this price point still boils down to room dimensions and placing space, but don't underestimate the
VR-1 'virtual reality' competence!
i have both n love them so much that i would never sell them, i even compare the vr2 to wilsons wattpuppys 6 n i liked the vr2 better, the wilsons played louder but had a dry sound n flat sound stage, , consider how expensive they are i expected they would blow away the vr2s but they didn't. go figure,
You revive a 10 year old thread for this? Seriously?

But as long as you did.......

The VR2 is an average speaker at best. I had a pair once upon a time, but not for long.

I tried them in 2009 and sold them 2 months later. I have a friends VR 2s here now as he moved up to VR 33s. I also have Vandersteen 2CEs. As much as I want the VR2s to win over the Vandersteens it is not happening The Vandersteens have a bigger more open sound and the bass is more realistic. The height of the stage is much taller on the Vandersteens. I am not giving up yet but not looking good.