Von Schweikert VM-3 Monitor?

Hello:would appreciate any comments regarding the von schweikert vm-3 monitor speaker overall performance and sonic character,thanks to all,AL
I had the VM-2s which used the same drivers in a smaller cabinet, and only one woofer instead of 2. The imaging was excellent and the speaker was well balanced and provided very good vocal reproduction with a fair amount of fine detail. Of course it would only play so loud and with only one 5.25" woofer per speaker the bass quality was good but bass dynamics and extension were wanting. With two woofers per speaker, the VM-3 might be a more serious contender and if I could find a set of those at a good price I wouldn't hesitate to buy them (even if I used them in conjunction with a subwoofer).
I too had the VM2's and thought they were exceptional. I moved up to the floorstanding VR3.5. I was so impressed with the entire line up,,,, I became a dealer for Albert.
The VonSchweikert's are a bargain hi-end speaker.
I have a pair of the VR-4 Gen 3's currently, but a friend has the VM-3 Monitor. It is a great little speaker, it has a nice midrange, and and extended upper end. The bass is also quite satisfying for a speaker of it's size. If you can find a pair at a good price I wouldnt hesitate to buy a pair unless of course you get a pair of his newer designs, which are absolutely World Beaters.