Von Schweikert v. Tyler Question

Can anyone who has heard the two speakers I am considering make comments on their similarites and differences, please?

Tyler Linbrook Signature 4-piece
Von Schweikert VR-4 GenIIISE

Planning to dirve these with a Platinum Upgraded McCormack DNA-225 (currently have a Pass X1 linestage, but may opt for a tube linestage instead).

I have the Linbrook signatures and have had the Von Schweikert vr4 gen II's. If you first consider the top units--the Linbrook uses and MTM design with top of the line seas excel units. The Von Schweikert uses less expensive drivers, but more sophisticated crossover and a rear ambience tweeter. The Von Schweikert is probably the imaging winner, as I found the upper units to disappear more easily. The ambience tweeter can be adjusted and gives the perception of depth. The Linbrook projects a bigger image then is possibly less precise, or I just need a larger room. Both speakers require a fairly large room to breath. The Linbrook's bass is tight, not overly generous, but needs some room behind the rear port. The Von Schweikert also is rear ported, so similar in that respect, except the Linbrook is deeper, so more depth is required from the front of the speaker. Can't go wrong with either!
The GenIII's & Gen IIISE's are front ported. I have the GenIII's 16" from side wall & 19" from back wall.
I have a dedicated 23X17 listening room so distance from the wall is not an issue.
Drrasta, Regarding imaging with the Linbrooks - I agree with your comments, however I wonder if you have experimented with toe in a lot. I came to the Linbrooks from Dynamics that had to be pointed straight ahead, they were just to hot on axis. Ty suggested that these needed to be toed in a bit. Did that, it helped. Last nite I decided to listen to them on axis - that really brought them into focus - and they are not too hot on axis - now I'm listening for the down side (perhaps not quite as expansive a soundstage). Fine tuning to come. Incidentially I have the one piece unit in which the 7' midranges and tweeter are in a sealed enclosure as opposed to the ported upper unit in the 2 piece. I've not heard both units but this suggests to me that the one piece might have a tighter mid-range so my comments might not relate to the 2 piece unit.