Von schweikert TS-210 surrounds?

Anybody have any experience with these surrounds? Someone local to me is selling a pair for $700. I recently obtained some VR-4 GenIIIHse mains and can't even express how much I love them. I am looking now to complete a home theater setup, and was wondering how they sound and if these would pair well with my VR4's The price also seems a little high possibly for 98 vintage speakers with a list price of $1200 back then. Anyone know the approx. street value? any input is greatly appreciated.

hi i have set of them ! love them to death , great speakers for surrounds. they are made very well plus also heavy.mine are about 10 years old light oak finish follow the directions for placement! they play very loud if ya need lots of rear action. these speakers need really good front end or dvd for full potential!hope that helps
Thanks Bob I appreciate the input. I will probably pick them up if possible.