Von Schweikert Subwoofers

Has anyone had a chance to compare Von Schweikert VRS1 subwoofer to such mainstays as REL and Velodyne dd10?
It is strictly for 2-channel applications.
Thanks for your input.
I have not heard the VRS1 since I don't have a dealer in my area. I am using the REL Q108E in a 2 channel with the VR-1s. You might talk to Primus Audio Pleasures in Kansas City. They carry both and are very honest. It will depend heavily on your placement options and the 2 main speakers and their characteristics. Good luck!
I have auditioned the Von Schwiekert and it sounded just ok.Ended up with Vandersteens instead.Have not listened to the other two,but from what I have read they would also outperform the Von Schwiekert.
Thanks for your impressions, gentlemen. It seems from what I've gathered so far, I'd have to bite the bullet and cough up around $1500 for a Velodyne dd10.
I have auditioned the VRS1 in my home and thought it was a good performer. I can't say I am personally familiar with the other two you mention. I ended up going with Martin Logan Grotto sub which I think is an excellent performer at a great price.
Strickly music?
Is the VRS-1 the small one.?
That's what I have. Had it about 1 1/2 years.
Fast,Fast,Fast.Natural sounding.
Perfect extension for any mains I have used it with.
The easiest to set-up of any sub.
Matches great with my Spendor FL-6 and Maggie' 1.6 qr.
Peter D.
I have it and love it for both HT and multi-channel music. As Peterd said, super fast. Blends perfectly with the rest of my VSA set-up.
I have the Velodyne DD10, and use it in a less than ideal room (12 x12, opening to a small sunparlor). Its used for 2-channel only and it adds a layer of warmth and complexity my monitors were missing. The software is incredible and easy to use. It greatly reduced my room problems in the 40-60hz range, while still having a full, rich base sound.

The dd10 or dd12 is a great choice in a small sub.