Von Schweikert Sub VRS/1

Any experience with these? Thinking of using with VR4jr in home theater. Any input is appreciated.
I've the VR-1/VRS-1 combo and the integration between both is perfect. I love the thightness of the VRS-1 bass. But the VRS-1 seems a bit out of place with the VR4jr. I've the cross-over at 50 hz with the tiny VR-1's and at 20 hz there is already a roll of of -2 db. Going for a VR4jr would limit the usable subs range to ~20-35 hz. Looks like you need the bigger VRS/3.
I am using a pair of the vrs/1 with quad 989s,the room is 28by20 and they are completely seamless ,they fill in the lower octaves and mate in a very unobtrusive way with the very fast quad panels.
Steve Boeck.
I have a pair of VRS/1s paired with my VR2s. As Steve said, the transition is seamless. They are highly musical subs. The best I've heard. VSA matches them with the 4jrs, so I wouldn't worry. But if you need more information, contact Paul-VSA's sales rep. He's amazingly helpful. Be prepared to talk for a while. :)

Do you already have the 4jrs? I'm really curiuos how they compare to the 2s. I didn't know the Jrs were coming out when I bought my 2s. Probably best since I already spent more than I had.

Joy Elyse